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Wizards are men who study arcane secrets to gain power for different purposes. Wizards are seen in fiction with wands and flowing robes, but they have learned that the different Martial Arts forms can help them focus thier Chi - and better help them cast thier spells. They also sometimes seek the secrets of some of the Street Fighters. So far, there hasn't been many of these dark men and women (called witches) on the Street Fighter scene - they seem, as a whole, to enjoy staying in the shadows.


Wizards are constantly seeking new knowledge. Most of them will go great lengths to find out even a small secret - some hints of a secret power may lead a Wizard across the world. Often, this ends in failure, and a new hunt for a lost scroll or ancient master must begin again - but sometimes, just sometimes, the Wizard finds a small spark - that could someday lead to the magical fires. Wizards often use a Staff as a weapon, and most know that Style, rather than a official martial art (Staff is a new optional Style found in The Dogs of War).

Special Benefits
Like Mutants, Wizards can learn any Focus power as long as thier Wizard Background is equal to the Focus or Background requirement listed in the Maneuver's description. They pay normal price for these powers.

In addition, Wizards are an intelligent lot, if not very high in the personality department (highly charismatic wizards seem rare). Social Attributes must be secondary or Tertiary. The Wizard does enjoy, however, a +1 Intelligence bonus whether or not his Mental Attributes are primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Special Weaknesses
Wizards are shunned by most folk, who do not understand thier strange ways. Wizards also begin character creation with 6 Health points, rather than the normal 10.

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