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Wizards are rare in the Dark Kingdoms. Wizard magic is seen by many as an evil thing, as it has brought the kingdom more pain that greatness. The Black Circle, a group of evil mages, tried to take over the kingdom. Mages used magic in an attempt to kill the king. The Dark Queen is powerful in wizard magic and has caused many deaths throughout the kingdom in the past. While magis has been used for great good (as in the battle of Midtown), it's harmful effects have greatly overshadowed it's good.
 While magic is no longer outlawed throughout the kingdom (see below), it is outlawed in the city of Portraven, with punishments depending on the level of magic used and it's effects. However, the king's personal Viser is allowed to use magic, as well as his apprentices, who commonly hold court for those accused of magic use. Mages see this law as foolish, but the kingdom sees it as protection. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
 Mages are warned that magic is still viewed by most residents of Arember as evil, and the law does not always protect them. Of the few mages that do exist, almost all of them live in secluded places hard to reach or even find by the folk of the city. there are no "magic shops" or "wizard guilds" in the Dark Kingdom.
-700 AG (900 years ago)
 It was around this time that humans began to learn magic, although elves and dwarves had known some of it's secrets for many thousands of years.
-500 AG (700 years ago)
The Magewar

The Black Circle, a group of powerful mages, attempt to conquer the knigdom using magic and an army of cult followers who had been charmed. The cult was defeated and the Black Circle mages burned at the stake. Non-chruch magic is destroyed and outlawed throughout the kingdom. Mages are tried as being demons and exiled to the barbarian lands to the west or killed.
-250 AG (450 years ago)
The Golden Age

Arember was in it’s golden age, although it had lost the power of magic. King Thane the Honorable sat in power in the throne in Portraven.
2 AG (198 years ago)
Silver Fortress falls. Swampmire, too isolated and meager to fall within the Queen’s notice, remains untouched by the Dark Queen.
Many people across the kingdom begin the old practice of using magic. The church of the Highfather deems them part of the Dark Queen, and many are burned to death as a result.
3 AG (197 years ago)
The Battle of Midtown

Portraven gathers together the last forces it has remaining, and stops the armies that approach at the battle of Midtown. The Queen’s armies are defeated, but at the cost of the King’s life. The wizard Zandalier appears at the battle and was crucial in the Queen’s defeat. He has not been seen since that time. Darkslayer, the King’s magical blade, was also lost in the battle. His son, Tramale, takes the throne.
4 AG (196 years ago)
Full Return of Magic

The church of the Highfather, due to the actions of the aged wizard in the battle of Midtown, change their verdict on the darkness of magic. However, magic is still seen by many as a force of evil. Many are still blamed for crimes and killed simply because they are magic-users. Many in the church feel that magic-users are trying to become like the gods.
Priests of Highfather begin showing granted powers. They take this as a sign that they are meant to battle the Queen’s forces. Others claim that they are granted powers to use against the mages.
10 AG (190 years ago)
The Age of Monsters

Monsters begin to appear across the kingdom. Minotaurs, medusa, and worse plauge the kingdoms, but seem to shy away from the more populated areas of Arember. Many, of course, blame this on the mages. In some cases this tuns out to be true.
 Darkskies, a dragon and the most powerful of these monsters, appears in the kingdom near the elves.
156 AG (44 years ago)
Gilan takes the throne

The Queen’s forces amerge from their fortress. Assassins use magic to infiltrate the castle at Portraven and kill the king. Prince Gilan escapes the assassination attempt. Using magic within Portraven is outlawed. Prince Gilan, only 12 years old, takes the throne, but without command. General Talon assumes the throne, and refuses to pay the Queen her ransom, and wars with the Queen over the next 40 years until Arember’s forces are almost all destroyed.
The Fourth Epoch
(240+ AG)

Magic is still seen in a bad light, but more accepted as magic helped defeat The Dark Queen. However, it is not unheard of for small villages to exile magic-users, or even kill them in extreme cases. The king has issued an order for the leaders of villages to show mercy and wisdom before deciding to punish those that have used magic, and to only punish those that have "used sorcery to the attempted harm of others, to commune with dark spirits, or to speak with or summon the dead".

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