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Episode 1:
Who's Who?
(Coldwind 10th - Early Spring)
 We began Malachi's adventures with him defeating the headstrong and arrogant Michael, who was training with him, in combat. Thus, Malachi was given the position of Unit Leader.
 Then, he and his friends went to the local tavern, the Mighty Warrior (A much more fun place than The King's Crown, which was full of officers) and there met some pretty ladies and generally had a good time. However, they returned to the camp early, but Malachi had left his coinpouch behind by accident. He returned for it. On his way home, he encountered one of the young ladies, who appeared to be wounded, and went to investigate. He was attacked! The woman was actually some sort of shapeshifter, and he fought and wounded the creature. The creature bragged about being Malachi's "replacement". Malachi blew his whistle, and the creature fled.
 Malachi returned to the barracks, confused, and reported the incident to the church the next day. Father Cobain knew of the shapeshifters, called Dopplegangers, and decided to help Malachi weed them out.
 Malachi went to speak with his father, and went to report the creature to his Leiutenant. Father Cobain showed up, and demanded that the church use the soilders to accompany him on a trip to the north. Braker agreed, and the group left to the mountains to the north, instead of diamond city as they had claimed.
 The soilders were actually after The Tomb of St. Guthbert, to retreive a magical ring that would allow them to see through the disguises of the Dopplegangers.
 On the first day of travel, the group found Lt. Braker's body, broken and dead, in thier wagon, obviously as a warning to them to stop thier travel.
 On the way there the group encountered both hell hounds and a harpy. Salvador was badly injured by the hell hounds.
 Finally, days later, they group found the Tomb of St. Guthbert, and had to battle the undead version of him that The Dark Queen had animated. There were two other bodies as well. After the defeat of the undead, the Saint's body was taken and burned.

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