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What is the Street Fighter rpg?

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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game was produced by White Wolf Games, but is now out of print. It is not a video game, but a game where players make up make-believe fighters and duke it out, and use those characters to go through pretend adventures. It uses similar rules as other games from White Wolf still in print, such as Vampire and Werewolf.

The game is arguably the best thing ever to come out of White Wolf Games, although they seem to have lost interest in it almost completely, and instead devote their resources to the games they produce with dark, monstrous backgrounds.

Characters in the game pick a martial art style, and maneuvers for that style. They use these maneuvers to try to win in combat against other fighters. There were also special backgrounds that appeared in later books, such as Animal Hybrid, Elemental, and Cybernetics.

The combat system is simple yet almost anything could happen during a fight. The rules allow for quick, exciting combat. It was so good, White Wolf tried to make a version of it called Combat , adaptable to the other games they produce, but it was a sad comparison.

There were five books and a screen produced by White Wolf for the Street Fighter game. If you can find them, I suggest getting them. They were in order of production:

Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game
Street Fighter: Secrets of Shadoloo
Street Fighter: The Storyteller's Screen
Street Fighter: Player's Handbook
Street Fighter: The Perfect Warrior
Street Fighter: Contenders

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