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what dreams are made of

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What Dreams Are Made Of
(Deepsnow 7)
 Upon rescuing the prisinors, the group found a map that appeared to lead to a hidden slave prision just north of Swampmire. Deciding to investigaye, the group sailed in that direction immediatly with thier new companion, Blake, a fighter they rescued from the slave pits.
 During the journey, Malachi had a strange dream that he and Michael were trapped on a strange island, and that his dark secrets were being revealed and his worst enemies faced. He slowly realised that he was in a world that he could control, and then he realsied that he was in a dream. Allowing himself to be killed by Gra'non the devil (in his dream), he awoke back on the ship to discover that a mind flayer had been seeping into his mind, it's tentacles wrapped around his head. Malachi lept up, doing battle with the hideous creature. The creature tried to stop Malachi's attacks, asking him for time to explain himself, but Malachi was sure that the creature only wanted time to stun him with mental powers or some other hideous form of attack. Instead, malachi killed the creature.
 Malachi demanded a full search of the ship, and when he was sure that there were no more mind flayers aboard, they sailed on...

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