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Trader's Haven

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Interesting Sites:

The Well of Wonder (tavern/Inn)
The Blue Pool

Notable Mages
Himsal is a very powerful mage that lives in the mountains to the west of Trader's Haven. However, the mage is retired and claims a life on non-magic and pacifisim.

Balor's (equipment shop)
Father Nawan: High priest of Highfather
Catain Talis: Leader of the town guard and first person to ever see a Spyder Fiend.
Balor: Owner of Balor's, an equipment shop
Goodman: A guard in Trader's Haven
The Floating Palace (seen above): Office of Captain Cutter, the local Captain of the Army of Arember, who has also been honored with the title of Lord after killing 10 units of Shadow Riders with only 5 units of men without mounts. Of course, the Floating Palace does not actually float, but gives the appearance of doing so, as it's moat connects to the sea to the south.
Velesa of the House of Hamar is the current head of the Hamar House in Trader's heaven. She is very opposed to the dark Queen and is proud to use the power of her family to fight the forces of evil, although it is usualy in an indirect manner. She is a young and quite beautiful woman, with dark flowing hair. Her wisdom and kindness are well known. Velesa is married to Reltan Hamar, as he took her name upon wedding (a very rare occurance). Reltan cannot rule the house of Hamar, however, as he is not of the family bloodline. Velesa still holds that honor.
The lost and found is a large thieves guild located in Trader's Heaven.
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