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The Kingdom of Arember is measured much like our own. The planet is much like earth, with almost the same size and rotation.
 A year is measured as 440 days, with 11 months of time measured at 40 days each.

Icewind (Midwinter)
Commonly refered to as "the first month of Deepsnow". The beginning of the year is usualy celebrated in homes with great parties.

Deepsnow (Late Winter)
Commonly refered to as "the second month of Deepsnow". It is customary to place candles in windows for lost loves/family members during this month.

Frostwind (Early Spring)
The Day of Love is celebrated on the 10th day of this month.

Warmwind (Spring)
Spring festivals are held throughout the month at difrent times depending on the various cities.

Greenwood (Early Summer)

The Time of Remebering is celebrated throughout the month, where shields (some made of wood and straw) are placed on doors to rememberthose who have fallen in battle.

Firetree (Midsummer)
On the first day of the month, The Day of Highfather is celebrated throughout the kingdom.
On the 20th day of this month, Trader's Day is held in many cities, where trader's commonly set up great celebrations and sell their goods in various cities.

Hunting (Late Summer)
Great feasts are common during this month.

Bloodmoon (Fall)
Festivals of The Moon are held throguhout the month in gratitude of nature.

Harvest (Fall)
Harvest festivals are common in this month.

Coldwind (Early Winter)
The Day of Evil is celebrated on the last day of the month to ward off evil spirits. Costume parties are celebrated.

Snowdown (Midwinter)
The Day of Winter is celebrated on the 20th of this month, usualy with a feast of some kind.

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