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the slave Lords

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The Slave Lords (Part 1)
(Coldwind 7 - Deepsnow 1)
 Now in Midtown, the group helped the queen build Midtown into a fortress worthy of the Queen, although the city still was tiny in comparison to the mighty Portraven. Although Zerek was able to identify many of the magic items the group had found in their recent journeys, he was baffeled as to why the Rod no longer pulled in any direction. he was able to discren that the Rod was weakened somehow, although it still retained it's magical abilities.
 Malachi decided to try to contact the mage Himsal once again, although the old mage in the mountains was releuctant to help the group in the past. They set fourth to the west.
 Once to Trader's heaven, they discovered that raids by the Black Hagglers had been led and were taking slaves back to sea. The captain of Trader's Heaven was sure that they would attack again, this time in Silvertown, a small village to the east of Trader's Heaven. Although desperate for more information about the Rod, the group decided that they had to help the villagers of Silvertown if they could.
 Once in Silvertown, the group encountered the attack force of the Black Hagglers, defeated them, and then gained information that a group of crimminals were to use the boat that the Haggler's came on, while the original group was to meet back west or go north if they encountered trouble. Malachi decided to use this information to act as the crimminals, ride with the Black hagglers back to their island port, and rescue the prisinors. Hopefully, they could stop the slave trade altogether.
 The plan worked well, and they sent word to Trader's heaven before leaving to send a vessel to give them a ride back to Trader's Heaven. They spent some time in the area, found a secret door into the old temple complex where they suspected that the slaves were, and captain Torlen arrived in the Stormrunner to give them a ride back to Trader's Heaven, as they had hoped. All they had to do now was go into the temple and rescue the slaves....

The Slave Lords (Part 2)
(Deepsnow 1- Deepsnow 6)
 Malachi and his brave group of soilders and companions made thier way into the temple, fighting monsters and half-orcs until they finally found the slaves and the slave lord who commanded them. Although the slave lord escaped, Malachi and his friends lost no members, and they took the slaves back to captain Torlen and the Stromrunner. They sailed from the island and back to Trader's Haven.

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