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the ring and the king

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Episode 2:
The Ring and the King
(Coldwind 24th - Early Spring)
 The group decided to travel to Southsea as not to be ambushed.
 On the way to Southsea, Malachi was captured and taken before The Dark Queen, and was asked about "The Rod." He did not know what the Queen spoke of, and was set free, suprisingly. She did say that Malachi was "going to serve her anyway."
 Then the group met a patrol led by Lt. Savar, and it was a race to Southsea to save Salvador's life. Anthony was able to help save him by a mixture of herbs that plced Salvador in a coma-like state, although he remained alive and in a sort of suspened animation.
 Reaching Southsea, Malachi and his band met Father Alours, who had The Gifts. He saved Salvador's life.
 Meeting privatly with Alours, Malachi told him of the Queen and his encounter. Alours told Malachi to meet with him the next morning and he did so, after the night had a doppleganger try to kill Malachi!
 He then was part of a secret metting with General Thane and Sir Gelane, who helped Malachi and his men escape the city and head secretly back to Portraven.
 Meeting in an empty warehouse, the group was met by Selane, an "information broker" (who was horribly scared) who told them that there were two dopplegangers in the city, and that one was going to try to impersonate Sir Ellis, and then kill the king or take his place. the other had taken the form of Lt. Gath, who was to replace the dead Lt. Braker.
 The rouge led the men to the castle, but Malachi had to enter alone. The rest of the men went after Gath.
 Meeting with the King in the throne room, Malachi saw with his ring that the kinight had already been replaced with the doppeganger. There was another knight there as well, Sir Fellen. The King cleared the room when Malachi said his information was secret.
 Then, Malachi needed to save the king, but any sudden move would cause the doppleganger to possibly take the life of the king with his sword. Malachi made a gesture to Sir Felln, hoping that the knight would take the hint.
 He did, and as Malachi mentioned that the General was in Southsea, the doppleganger knew it was all over. He decided to kill the king instead, but Sir Ellis was too fast, hitting the beast with a dagger to his side. Malachi attacked the beast as well, both the creature and the soilder doing great damage. Finally, Sir Ellis stabbed the beast and it fell into a smoky form, disappearing.
 Sir Gath was also rescued and the Doppleganger impoersonating him destroyed as well. The danger seemed over, for the moment.
 There was a ceromony where Malachi was promoted to Lt. and awarded the Golden Eye. His group was then created into a special unit to find out what exactly "The Rod" was and what the Dark Queen wanted with it. Sir Fallen gave his steed, Rifter, to Malachi as a way to thank him.
 Malachi gave his ring to the King himself, so that he would be safe from attacks by dopplegangers in the future.

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