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The Reds Attack

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It has been three days since the fight at the museum...

"Master Baal", Lucas began, "I report." He stood proudly before his master, although he knew his news was not what Baal wanted to hear. He was instructed to get the Gauntlet, but had failed.
"When the soldiers left the museum, they left behind a guard that had his mind wiped clean. We were able to use this to our advanatge. The mental impressions left by the sorcerer were strong, but nearly impossible to follow. Some kind of interference. Not being able to use him, we killed him and were going to dump the body."
"Unessessary", commented Baal, demon of The War.
 "Yes, but most fun. He whined and begged and cried. Said something about a kid. He didn't know he had a massive clog in his heart that would have killed him in a few days anyway. I made it fairly quick - he should have been thankful. But I'm getting off the subject." Lucas paused, getting his thoughts together.
"Oh yes. In the meantime, I decided that we needed to find these people. After all, they did get away with the Gauntlet. So, I called in a few favors. I found that the mortals were living here and there and we started sending out the troops. We didn't find all of them, but we knew the few might lead us to the others. Randal sent his woman, Cynthia, out to see if she could find the Gauntlet.
 The Reds found the one called Yamoto first, but he didn't have it. I sent Umi, hoping that she would  simply kill the human. However, she reported that she was interrupted by his friends arriving, and had to leave."
Baal's expression did not change. "And the Gauntlet?"
"Well, mighty Baal", Lucas continued, looking away from the power that was before him, "I am getting to that." The demon's hands ran through his red hair. "We tracked down the one called Damien, but he didn't seem to be up to much. Human stuff. But Cynthia actually located the Gauntlet. However, the person that had it, the human called McCord, was able to shoot her down. That's why I know he had the Gauntlet. Cynthia always uses the Heat of Hell, but he was able to kill her anyway with a normal pistol. Ah, she was a good servant for many years. And I beleive her and Randal had some kind of romance. Life's a bitch."
Baal continued looking at Lucas, but said nothing.
Lucas paused, expecting more of a response from his Superior. He placed his hands in his pockets cooly. "I finally got involved. Why search? We knew that one of the guys, a Mr. Callen somebody-or-other, was a big shot. Owns his own aiport and all. You remember, the one I had my guys blow up. Randl had the fortune to run into his neice when he went to the house looking for Callen. Taking her prisinor, he decided to hold her for ransom for the Gauntlet. Not a bad idea. However, it didn't pan out. The Reds went to the home, and made the exchange. Everything seemed to go well, but they were fooled. Apparently, Daniel has a sorcerer as well, and he was good enough to fool even Condal. They made a fake gauntlet that disappeared after the trade was made. Impressive. I would like to point out that it might have been Moss, he could be working for them now. Or we might be facing two sorcerers."
Lucas waited. It was now that his master would punish him, as he had punished Randal.
"This must be considered", Baal said after a grueling pause. "Leave me."
Some other game notes:
1. Umi was actaully defeated by Yamoto, although he suspects she might have been holding back.
2. Taylor was approached by Japhet, a demon who claimed that the demons only want freedom, and are not all evil. She claimed that the lack of Symphony twists them to become monsters, but it can be avoided. She asked for Taylor's necklance, claiming that it would help her control her change as it had been exposed to the Gauntlet for a short time. Taylor gave it to her.
3. Moss and Matthew decided not to fully trust each other, but to share information that might be critical to the safety of humans.
4. Daniel admitted that if called to do so, he would sacrifice innocents to win the War. However, he claimed that he had never been called to do so before. He was very shocked by the fact that Taylor would not reveal the name of the demon that contacted her.
5. Bethsham, an angel of Sleep, approached Yamoto and Taylor in thier sleep and told them that she would be able to help them develop mental powers different than those of the coporeal realm.

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