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The Last Chapter

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Now the group heads to thier temporary headquarters, but are seperated by use of magic. The source of this magic is unknown (it has been suggested the character that caused this was Eli, Daniel, or possibly a demon). During this seperation many things occured:

1. "The Hammer" attacks McCord, but is beaten by him after being hit with a grenade, stabbed with a knife and shot.

2. Yakamo is forced to fight his master, who is not being chased by assassians, but is there to test Yamoto. After this test is passed, the master gives Yamoto the sword of Miyamoto, the sharpest blade in exisitence (this sword ignores all DR).

3. Damien finds Samual Pearson, who ends up being Eli. However, Eli offers no help to the group.

4. Matthew and Taylor are tempter by demons to leave the city. However, this only serves to bring them closer. However, it also leaves Matthew with lingering doubts about why Taylor is risking her life - is it for the good cause of fighting for what is right, or just to be with him? He is not sure he could live with the pain of having her die just for his sake.

5. Kaden calls for Daniel and asks for advice. In response, Daniel asked Kaden -" why do you fight if you do not beleive? Only enough faith will allow victory over evil." Kaden asked Daniel how he could be sure. He trusted Daniel, and asked him to show him. Daniel asked Kaden to close his eyes, and shot him! During the short time Kaden was "dead" before being healed by Daniel, he saw his long deceased mother and awoke with a new perspective, and belief in God.

Meeting together once again, the group decides on thier plan to fight Spencer and prevent COMMLEAD from being attacked and thier leader killed. Damien will take point as a sharpshooter, while Matthew and Taylor act as backup and support. In the meantime, McCord, Kaden and Yakamo would go into the main fight if neccessary. Collen would stay as an escape craft, using his helicoptor.

However, Spencer was early, and had set up his own traps. His own sniper, hidden on the same roof that Damien climbed upon, shot him in the leg and the arm, almost killing him. Other attackers appeared as well, including Spencer himself, and the battle was on.

Quickly, the characters realised Spencer's plan. He was going to allow his crew to get inside the headquarters and kill Quimby, who was protecting the base from being destroyed by explosives by magic granted to him by his demon master. Once Quimby was dead, he would have his coptors attack the building with missiles.

However, Spencer's plan did not go well. His coptors let thier missiles go early, and they fizziled out, striking the building but not exploding. Spencer's backup plan was to detonate the extreme amount of explosives he carriedon himself, sacrificing his life for his cause.

The tam also headed to the roof where Spencer was, each with thier own ideas on how to handle the situation. Kaden was easily defeated by Spencer. Seeing this, McCord thought it would be better to grab Spencer and Jump away to the water nearby. Matthew tried to place a spell in the area that would prevent the explosives from detonating.

In the end, it took Yakamo to race up and cut the wires to the explosive in a swift strike, but this cost McCord two of his fingers.

In the meantime, Taylor discovered three men who had slipped inside COMMLEAD. Going after them on her own, she was stopped in a stairwell by Lucas, and combat engaged. however, Taylor quickly realised that she was no where near the power level of a full demon, and although she fought bravely, she was hammered with frightful blows over and over, and thrown about the stairway by Lucas like a beautiful but fragile painting rammed by a bull. In the end, she still tried to tell Lucas what needed to be done, knowing that he did not know what he was doing. Lucas responded by crushing her into the floor, killing her.

The second tem, made of McCord, Kden and Yakamo, found the interuders and were able to kill them. Not knowing that they had probably prolonged his own life, Lucas found them and it was a stand-off. McCord tried his gun, but even with the power of the Gauntlet he was unable to affect Lucas, who now wore the second Gauntlet. Yakamo thre his sword at the deomon, who attempted to catch it in his magaical glove. however, this proved to be a bad idea, as the blade of Miyamoto cut straight through the Gauntlet, cutting the demon's hand in half. With that, he fell in pain, and McCord was able to place a clean shot to his skull. With the power of the Gauntlet, Lucas was dead.

Bringing Taylor back to the headquarters, the group called for Christian Markus, the scientist and physician of Matthew's secret orginization. In addition the party also tried thier own gifts and magic to save her life. However, none of this was enough. Taylor was lost.
 Daniel showed up without warning, and Matthew attacked him verbally, demanding that Daniel make a sacrifice like they all had, to save Taylor's life. Daniel told him that to save her life would be an incredible feat with a high price. Matthew, with a sudden bust of emotion, demanded that he pay it.
 Placing his hands around her, Taylor opened her eyes, and Daniel closed his for the final time.

The heroes met for the last time at the graveyard, where Daniel was buried in a simple grave. There Mattew and Taylor said thier goodbyes to the others. McCord, Kaden, Collen, Anthony, Yakamo and Damien decided to stay together as a team, to keep fighting - they could still hear the symphony and could find other soilders demons and possibly even angels out there. There was still much to be done, and they now knew that they were the ones to do it. They were Soilders of God.

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