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the last battle

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The Last Battle
DM NOTES: there are a few games missing between the last entry and this one. I will try to get them in soon.
In the last game of the campaign, the heroes have finally completed the Rod of Seven Parts, and now are ready to do battle with the Dark Queen. They face off the oncoming army of the Dark Queen at Midtown, devestating her forces there, but with some losses (General Thane is killed). The group then heads to the ruins of Trader's Haven, where they discover the Dark Naga is with them disguised as Larsania - and Larsania is gone. The Dark Naga takes the Rod and flees to the moutains where there is an ambush waiting.
The group does manage to track the Naga down to her lair. She surrenders, but only on the condition that she can have the island once owned by the insane, cursed cleric to the north as her own. Malachi agrees and gains the Rod. He sets the Dark Naga free.
With the Rod in hand, the group travels to the ruins of Golden Keep where they decide to try to call the Dark Queen to them using the help of several Mind Flayers. They also call upon the help of the Black Unicorn and his herds. The attempt works all too well - the Dark Queen teleports the entire fortress to her moutain. There the battle begins, as the unicorns fight against the evil demons there and the group of heroes face off against The Dark Queen and her Spider Fiends. There they find that the Rod can be used to open a Gate to free the Dark Queen's lover - The Dark King. He begins to be released...
Kerrick does battle with spider fiends and rescues Larsania.
The battle is long and hard. But in the end, Malachi is able to use the Rod and the Darkslayer sword to defeat the Dark Queen. He is then given the choice to kill her or set her free now that her plans have been foiled and the Rod is able to protect his people. Malchi chooses to destroy the queen that has caused his world so much pain, but shows no mercy in the process. The Rod of Seven Parts deems him merciless and the Queen is not destryed. Instead, the Rod begins to lose it's power and the Dark King begins to be set free.
Salvador grabs the Rod, understanding what has happened. He prays to the Highfather and asks to show him sacrifice in the stead of Malachi. He hurls himself over the ledge of the fortress that now sits above lava and acid, and is consumed. The Rod reappears in the fortress, but Salvador is destroyed. However, Highfather must have taken some notice and have been pleased - the Rod functions again, the dark Queen burns away, and her fortress returns to a normal mountain once again. Her armies scatter across the land, most killed within a few days (although it is likely that some remain in hidden locations).
Kerrick and Larsania move the the Fey Realm together. Malachi is crowed King and the barbarians from the west join the Kingdom of Arember and make up most of the new army. The kingdom begains to rebuild, and the people are finally free from the evil of the Dark Queen.

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