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The Giren

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The Giren are the "gypsies" of Arember, always traveling lightly from place to place, sometimes stopping at cities to entertain and make money, and then disappearing for months at a time. They can be encountered almost anywhere.
Giren are from another kingdom to the west (called Valehome) originallyare treated as second-class citizens in Arember. They are not allowed to own property or hold any rank in the Army of Arember. This seems unfounded, as the Giren that are in Arember are decendants of those who first arrived hundreds of years ago, but the law still remains.
Giren are the butt of jokes from all over the kingdom, and are considered by many (unrightfully so) to be a dirty, theiving people. The truth is that the Giren are a cleaner people than those in Arember for the most part, and that they have a strict code of honor to tell the truth to strangers in matters of business (the fact that they have been accused of being theives comes from the fact that most of the Giren have learned to be good traders). Still, they are a poor people with strange ways, and are largely misunderstood.
The Giren are dark-skinned, and each bears a tattoo, commonly below the left eye but always visible, given to them when they have reached the age of 18. The tattoo is supposed to reveal the nature of the person, but sometimes has hidden meanings. The Giren is given the tattoo by the group leader, and does not get to choose the tattoo himself. However, the entire group of Giren present must approve the tattoo, not including the one to be decorated. Almost always, the marking is of an animal of some sort, but it can be other things, such as fire or an eye.

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