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The Gauntlet

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Daniel begins the training of his new soliders, each of them beginning to learn thier special powers.
Kaden battles members of the Reds, Lusas' minions, in a bar called the Kicker.
Some of the characters (Yakamo, Damien and McCord) decide to move in together for protection; others decide to keep living thier lives as normal.
Researching the recent spottings of The Reds throughout the city, the group learns that they have apparently been "scoping" the local Museum of Ancient History. Looking over the museum's currentpost on the net, Anthony discovers that the Gauntlet of Joan of Arc had just arrived for display.
Deciding that the Gauntlet may hold some special power, the characters decide to move in and find it first, although they expect trouble and have not developed many powers.
Arriving and fast-talking thier way in, the soliders discovered that the Gauntlet is still at the museum, but soon run into troble, as they (McCord, Damien and Ms. Sheen) meet Mr. Moss, a mysterious figure who was apparently after the Gauntlet himself as a way to keep both angels and demons from interfering with whatever plans he might have.
In the meantime, Kaden, Yakamo and Anthony are left to battle The Reds, who show up after all. Matthew is alone as Lucas himself shows upto take the Gauntlet, but Matthew's magic holds him off long enough for his allies to show up and join the battle.
Although it appears that Lucas might be powerful enough to fight the characters alone, he escapes when he hears other celestials (angels) coming. He flees, and soon Daniel and two other allies (unnamed) appear.
Daniel knows nothing of the Gauntlet, but Mathew uses his magic to learn that the Gauntlet is a potent item that will allow those that weild it to pass the defenses of Essence, the type of power that the soliders, as well as the angels, use to defend themselves.
Although powerful, the Gauntlet, if worn by a celestial, would cause a disturbance in the Symphony, and thus Daniel decides to leave it in the care of his new soliders.
Notes: Daniel and his close contacts claim never to have heard of Moss. Possibly, he has battled Demons before, or come into contact with Celestials outside the city, or was lying about his true name.

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