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The Elven Court

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The Elven Court is made up of 12 figures, each an aged member of an elven family, who are chosen by each family. This council elects a single Elven King, who rules over all of the elven people.
 The council votes on all major decisions, but the King can override their decision. However, they can override his decision with a unaminous vote.
 The Elven council does not communicate directly with any other race other than elves since the Battle of Calan and the Elves, hundreds of years ago. The Elven King is never called by his true name, but simply referred to as "The Elven King" or "The King of My People" by elves.
The Twelve Elven Families

Family Name (Pronunciation)
Yearanous (year-an-nose)
 The most powerful family in the elven court. The current Elven King is from this house.
Gesserdom (guess-ear-dome)
Thooe (though)
Noneeda (noon-ed-da)
Kemplorda (kim-ploor-da)
Cansanmar (can-san-mar)
 The house that disagrees with exile of the elves to their forest. These elves beleive that the elven community should join forces with the humans to fight the Queen before she comes to the forest.
Minodom (min-owe-dom)
Portius (port-eye-us)
Voraclan (vor-ah-clan)
Teronym (tear-owe-nim)
Aremosin (are-moss-in)
Keron (keer-on)
 Most of the original elves from this house left to give themselves to the Dark Queen and became Drow Elves. The Keron house is looked down upon by the other elves for this, and so they have little sway in elven polotics.

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