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the destroyer

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The Destroyer (Hunting 20th)
Talman Hamar meets with Malachi to tell him thank you, and supplies him with whatever he needs.

The group travels toward home after fighting against the dark queen's forces and the barbarians, aided by Muthok. Soon they reach Trader's Heaven.

In the late evening, a rumble is heard throughout the city. A giant, 100 foot tall statue made of black granite walks into the city (destroying the wall), and stops (as the sun sets). It's face looks evily down upon the city.
 Zerek does not know what to make of the creature, but does know someone who will, someone that knew his master. It is the old, retired mage called Himsal that lives in the mountains west of the city. Himsal was known to have called great beasts from the ground, kill minions of the dark queen with a glance, and grant wishes to the followers of the king as rewards for their bravery. Himsal gave up his life as a wizard and vowed pacificism after his magic killed over 100 men in a battle during the Mage Wars.

Finding the old man is tricky. The group must cross on old log stretched across two cliffs. While crossing, they are attacked by wolves! After this, they must face a landslide. Finally, they must reach the home of the wizard.

He knows that the statue is called the Destroyer, and was created by the Black Circle long ago. It will attack the city each night, powered by the light of the moon. During the day it has no power, but no known force is able to destroy it.

The only way to destroy the Destroyer is to don the armor of The Champion, which is kept in the Tunnels of Terror on the opposite side of the mountain. It is guarded by three giants and the undead of those who failed their tests of battle. (There are two giants left, and 14 undead at least). The adventurers answered the questions of the giants and were allowed to take the armor.

Once the armor of The Champion is donned, the bearer becomes as large as the other giant, and is able to fight the Destroyer!

However, the armor does not seem that effective. There is a large symbol of magic on the statue protecting it from damage. It is formed of Chalk of Demer, a powerful writing chalk which is hard to remove. Only large amounts of salt could remove the markings.

Malachi's new mage ally, Zerek Veldainos, has the idea to launch barrels of Sea Water toward the giant, and it removes the sea water. Malachi, now as a giant, spears the Destroyer through the heart and into the sea. The Armor of The Champion disappears.

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