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The Army

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 The army of Arember is the most powerful fighting force in the Kingdom of Arember, although it is thought by many that the Dark Queen's army may be stronger. They are the fighting force of the kingdom of Arember, made mostly of archers and foot soldiers.
 The military follows a strict chain of command, higher ranking officers commanding the lower ranked officers. Each solider wears a sash of a particular color to signify his rank. It is a major crime to wear the wrong color sash with a military uniform in Arember.
 The names of the ranks are as follows, from highest rank to lowest.


10: King/Purple/Any
9: Knight/White/Full Plate
8: General/Gold/Full Plate
7: Colonel/Silver/Plate Mail
6: Commander/Red/Chain Mail
5: Captain/Yellow/Scale Mail
4: Lieutenant/Green/Ring Mail
3: Solider/Royal Blue/Leather
2: Squire/Black/Padded
1: Trainee/Brown/None

 Members of the army are mostly human, although the army does allow the occasional halfling scout. Other demihumans, or humans with demihuman blood, are not allowed into the king's army.
 Promotions are given as the positions become available, usually to those who have proven themselves worthy.

Special Honors
 There are two types of special medals that an enlisted man can gain, awarded to him by a member of the armed forces of at least Commander. A higher-ranking officer must award the medals.
 Medals are not given lightly, as they command respect from other members of the army. Although he is still in charge, a commanding officer must bow in respect when first speaking to a member of the army that has received either of the following medals.

The Golden Eye - This special medal is sometimes given to those that show exceptional courage and wisdom in battle. It is made to appear as the symbol of Highfather and is made of solid gold. It is worn over the heart. A captain who leads 10 men and defeats 100 foes might win this medal.

The Gauntlet - This medal appears as a small silver gauntlet, and is worn on the right side of the chest. It is a reward for exceptional battle prowess. A single solider who defeats a giant would be a prime candidate to win this medal.

 The army of Arember is not as powerful as it was before the battle of Midtown. However, it does have a strong presence in most cities in the eastern part of Arember, as far north as Eastown and as far west as Trader's Heaven. In all other cities, the army is present, but by treaty rule, the Dark Queen's forces may come into the cities and investigate matters as they see fit, as long as no occupants of the cities are harmed (although the Dark Queen's forces may defend themselves). The Dark Queen has taken a small amount of prisoners from the cities on more than one occasion for crimes against her, however, and this has placed a large political strain on the treaty. So far, the prisoners are assumed to be held at the Fortress of The Dark Queen.
 The army's power base lies in Portraven, the capitol of Arember. The major cities of the east of the kingdom are also heavily protected by the army.
 While there are many able-bodied men in the army, supplies are limited. Horses are given to high-ranking officers, scouts, and others in special cases. Dried rashions are in high demand, as well as weapons and armor (see below for the common equipment of the army).
 Recruited soldiers are chosen from the Squires (who are chosen from the trainees). The recruits are trained in the use of the long sword, dagger, spear, and sometimes the bow if they show the aptitude for it. They are also trained to swim, to read at a basic level, and to ride horseback. The recruits are also trained in goblin and/or kobold at a very basic level. Experts with the bow might become archers.
 Normal basic training lasts about four months.

 The central group of the army is, of course, the enlisted militia. However, men from all the major cities can be drafted at a moment's notice into the army, and do not have the right to refuse. However, the army only calls for townsmen on very rare occasions, and then only in emergency.
 The army has allied itself with dwarves on some occasions, and has strong contacts with several trading houses. The Clergy of Highfather is a strong supporter of the army, and it's members can often be found traveling with them for guidance and sometimes magical aid, if the priest in question has been granted spells from Highfather.
 It is not unheard of for the army to hire freelance adventurers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters to help them complete tasks where large numbers of men are required. Such hired men are paid as the commanding officers see fit.
 The army is dedicated to catching thieves and destroying their guilds whenever possible. They also oppose any of the Dark Queen's forces that are within the treaty boundaries (see above), and are free to destroy any such creatures in that boundary. The army also opposes bandits, act as city guards, and aids townsfolk in finding lost children, stolen objects, and the like as the commanding officers see fit.
 The main goal of the army is the destruction of the Dark Queen's forces, but their hands are tied by limited men, supplies, and the treaty between the king and the Dark Queen herself (during that time period). The army keeps busy patrolling the cities and roads of the kingdom.
 The army has full rights to inspect homes and property without permission. In times of emergency, the army can demand to stay at homes within a city, although this practice has been stopped since the great wars. The army can arrest individuals and hold them for the courts, and may use violence as they see fit.
 The army is highly visible throughout the kingdom, providing a sense of protection for the king's people.

 As stated, all members of the army must be humans (although the occasional halfling is allowed as a spy or scout). Females, demihumans and humans with demihuman blood are not allowed into the army. The men must be able-bodied, healthy, and must be able to pass a physical exam and exercise routine.
 Being in the army usually means living in the barracks with other soldiers. The soldiers are expected to follow orders without question. Failure to do so results in time in the dungeon or at least some hard labor, depending on the order and the commanding officer.
 However, being in the army also has it's benefits. The king pays for the soldier's meals, provides him with a place to live for free, and provides him with the equipment he needs. The solider is also paid 1 gold per month for his services, or more if he gains rank. Not to mention that many of the common folk see soldiers as the law and even as heroes.
 The common foot solider wears a backpack, a holy symbol of Highfather, 2 torches, a blanket, flint and steel, a wineskin, a signal whistle, one week of dried rashions, gloves, a sash (color signifying rank), surcoat, shirt, cannons and breeches, a belt with a buckle and small pouches, soft boots with gamash and hose, scabbards as needed, and quivers as needed. A army member with Soilder rank receives a long sword, spear and two daggers, and a long bow if he has been trained in it's use. He is also provided with a full suit of leather armor. Unit leaders and higher-ranking officers receive a metal shield, and wooden shields are given to soilders as they are available. The unit leader decides who receives a shield.
 Soldiers commonly wear black leather with brown boots and gloves. Their shirt and surcoat are always royal blue.

 The army of Arember was brought together by the citizens of the cities of the land in -700 AG, which makes it roughly 900 years old. It has had many challenges, including barbarian raiders and the battle with the elves at Calan.
 However, nothing could prepare the army of Arember for the challenge of the Dark Queen. They fought the forces of evil for three years, facing foes unlike anything they had ever seen. Finally, the army of Arember was able to stop the Dark Queen's forces at the battle of Midtown, but at the cost of the king's life.
 Many of the armed forces wanted to continue the battle and lay siege to the Dark Queen's fortress. However, King Tramle, taking the throne, decides that such an attack would be too dangerous, not knowing the Dark Queen's number of troops.
 Over all, the army is considered to be one of the most powerful forces of good by nearly everyone in the kingdom, and is highly respected. They are the first to be called upon and are always the first to volunteer in times of need.

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