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strike at the heart

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Strike at the Heart of the Kingdom (Hunting 16th)
Now on their return from the forest, the group decided to travel to heart City on the journey back to Portraven, to deliver the body of nathan. They decided the Rod could wait a few days.
Story notes:
Muthog takes over Heart City
Malachi escapes city through underground routes at The Blue Raven (owned by a man called Seken), but must return due to Shadow riders and Barbarians. The Rods do not seem to want to leave Malachi, although they have never done so before.
Malachi strikes a deal with Muthog, and is able to place two of the Rods together. This gives him the power he needs to cause the barbarians and shadow riders to retreat, but he also accidentily breaks the Rods once again, losing one of them.
Lynnya dies during the battle, an arrow piercing her through the back.
Zerek Veldainos joins the group

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