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26 year old female. Incredibly beautiful, with blonde hair and gold-green eyes.
172 points

Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Dexterity 17, Health 10 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d; Spd: 6.75; Move 6; Dodge 12*; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift 250

Advantages [95 points]
Very (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Charisma +2 [10], Alertness +4 [20], Combat Reflexes (+1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Weapon Master (+1/5 of skill to weapon damage, use all bows at Easy DX‐1, Average DX‐2 and Hard DX‐3. Extra action at skill 15, 18, etc.) [20 for a single weapon]

Disadvantages [-55 points]
Poor (one‐fifth starting wealth) [-15], Bad Reputation -2 [-10], Low Status (beggar) [-15], Cannot Harm Innocents [‐10], Curious [‐5], Exiled [‐15]

Quirks [-3 points]
Tattoo of a hawk across her back
Snow is very quiet and shy
Distrustful of others
Doesn’t mind the cold (but is no more immune to it than any other human)

Skills [52 points]

Climbing (DX), Jumping (DX+1), Running (DX-1), Swimming (DX+1)
Bow (DX-1), Armory (Bows and Arrows) (IQ), Fast-Draw, Arrow* (DX+1)
Area Knowledge (White Mountains) (IQ+1)
Intimidation (IQ)
Detect Lies (IQ-1)
Knife (DX+1), Thrown Weapon (Knife) (DX+1), Fast-Draw, Knife (DX+1)
Riding (DX)
--Language Expert--
Language (Average) (Elvish, Dwarvish, Goblinoid)
--Martial Artist--
Judo: Throws (DX-1)
First Aid (IQ+1), Poisons (IQ-1
Tracking/Hunting (IQ), Survival, Mountains (IQ)
Shortsword (DX)
Stealth (DX), Fast-Talk (IQ), Scrounging (IQ+1), Shadowing (IQ), Lockpicking (IQ)

Weapons and Equipment
Archaic Weapons
Bow, Long: Bow skill (16), imp 1d+3 (due to Weapon Master), Acc 3, 3 lbs., max damage 1d+4
Snow can make a Quick Draw roll to immediately take and arrow and ready it. Because she has an extra action with her bow due her Trained by a Master, she can also notch the bow immediately. Therefore she can fire one arrow every second with a successful Quick Draw roll, as opposed to the normal one arrow every three seconds.
Large Knife: Knife skill, cut SW+2, range C or 1, maximum damage 1d+2
Shortsword: Shortsword skill, cut SW, 2 pounds
Torches, fire-building equipment and camping gear (20 lbs).
Heavy, warm clothing

Armor, Medieval Leather (PD 2, DR 2, 10 lbs.)

Weapons and Equipment
Snow, also known as Emara, was born into the village of Bitter Vale, a tiny but important place as much of the kingdom’s white flower seed (used as a cure for many poisons) is gained from the nearby mountains, the only place it seems to grow. She seemed perfectly at home in the cold, and was a natural with the bow. Her father taught her outdoor skills and sent her to the Archer Academy when she was young, where she did well, but her father grew ill while she was away and passed on. Without family or contacts (her mother died at childbirth), she began her journey home, only to find herself accused of murdering a merchant on the trail (she had the merchant’s dagger, but in reality had found the blade after bandits or orcs had killed the man long before she arrived). With not enough evidence to convict her the local judge decreed that with doubt of her innocence she would be exiled to the mountains.
 Snow misses her father and the comforts of home, but has adapted. She uses her skills to act as a guide across the mountains and sometimes kills a stray goblin or orc for reward. She is an expert hunter as well. She makes brief contact with others, but is lonely for a real friend.

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