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slave Lords, part two

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Slavelords, Part 4
(Deepsnow 8-13)
The ship the unit was traveling on landed in Swampmire safely, then the adventurers headed north, apparently in the right direction to find the slaverts. There were even good tracks to follow. After fighting undead at an old tower, they did find the fortress of the slavers, built alongside a mountain inside what was supposed to be a small castle for a nobleman who abandoned the building after the coming of the Dark Queen.
 They used magic to put the guards to sleep and slip into the fortress unseen. They found the location of some prisinors and rescued them, defeating "the exicutioner" in the process, one of the leaders of the Black Haggler's new slave ring. They also learned that the Markessa was the leader of the group, but she was not in the fortress (but would be soon).
 The group battled many soilders, and finally defeated the slave lord that caused them so much trouble in the past. Then they faced Markessa, who rode away instead of facing the group.
 The reason she rode away is that she had just freed a demon to destroy Malachi and his followers. If it were not for the magic of the Highfather that came through Salvador, all of the unit may have been killed. Protected by this holy force, Malachi used Darkslayer to defeat the demon and send it back to the Abyss from whence it came.
 One of the slves, an elf by the name of Argos, decided to travel with the heroes, to make sure that the Markessa was finished.

Slave Lords, Part 5
(Deepsnow 14-23)
Now with bitter winter upon them, the group tracked Markessa back to her fortress in the mountains, a cave network filled with kobolds, gnolls and other creatures. The group entered the caves during the night, killing several kobolds, and then proceeded to hunt down the Markessa.
 The battle with the Markessa was not an easy one, as she was guarded by two Shield Guardians. They were powerful, but luckily commanded to take prisinors and not to kill. Still, at least 4 members of the group were defeated, the ones remaining forced to face the Markessa to the finish. Finally, she was killed, and one of her magical guardians destroyed. The other, controlled by a magical amulet, was kept by Kerrick. "The construct", as it would become to be known, made a new, odd addition to the unit.

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