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Shan To

Role-Playing Games > Street Fighter > Contenders: Part 2

This character is an example of the creation of a character with the Dragon Background

Name: Shan To
Style: Dragon Kung Fu
School: Private Study
Stable: None
Team: None
Concept: Wandering Warrior

Physical (secondary)
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Social (tertiary)
Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2

Mental (primary)
Perception: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 4

Talents: (secondary)
Alertness 2
Intimidation 3
Insight 2

Skills: (primary)
Blind Fighting 2
Drive 1
Leadership 1
Stealth 3
Survival 2

Knowledges: (tertiary)
Arena 3 Computer
Investigation 1
Mysteries 2
Style Lore

Dragon 3
Resources 2

Techniques (with freebie points):
Punch 3
Kick 2
Block 2
Grab 1
Athletics 3

Special Dragon Powers:
Flaming Fist (2 points)

Special Maneuvers:
Backflip Kick (3 points)
Throw (1 point)
Jump (1 point)

Chi: 6
Willpower: 3
Health: 10

Honor: 3

Shan To is very old indeed. He has spent the last few hundred years asleep, and recently awoke to a very different world, one he likes very much. However, he did hope that men would have turned more toward the Path of Honor, but it seems that darkness has begun to fall in this technological age.
Shan To has awoke and was located by another dragon, Le Tan. She told him of the way to unlock the dragon powers within himself, the art of Dragon Kung Fu. She is not his Sensi now, but she did show him the basic maneuvers. He now learns what he can from other fighters he meets. He wanders the Street Fighter tournaments, and may find a team to join soon, as long as they are an honorable one. Shan To would never reveal that he is a dragon.

Shan does want to enter the Street Fighter tournaments to begin testing his style. More importantly to him, however, is the chance to find evil and "show" it the error of it's way, usualy by a good beating (this was easier when he was a dragon, but he is willing to learn again).

Appearance: Shan To is an oriental man who appears to be around 40 (actually he s over 10,000 years old!). He dresses stylishly, but has wild, flowing black hair.

Playing Shan To: Right is right and wrong is wrong. Shan To sees no in-between, no gray area. He will never commit dishonorable actions unless under the most dire of circumstances (saving a friends life or something that extreme). Shan To is a friendly man, and delights in humans and thier adventures. Sometimes, he's very glad to have made to choice to become human. However, he still feels out of place around humans, thinking they would fear him if anyone found out what he really was.

Quote: "Some things never change."

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