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Shadow Hagglers

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It is said that the Shadow Hagglers, a group of wanted crimminals in the kingdom of Arember, started out as a normal guild of theives. They are anything but the case now. The Shadow Hagglers are a group of murders, assassians, bandits and illegal bounty hunters who have connections with the worst elements of every city in Arember.
The thing that makes catching the Shadow Hagglers so difficult is that all of it's members are crimminals of the highest sort and will protect their secrets with detirmination. The Shadow Hagglers do not have a guild, like most thieves, but change thier headquarters with alarming frequency. Most of the time, unless they are planning a large raid or have a meeting between members of diffrent cities, the Shadow Hagglers will not have a headquarters at all. Even if they do, it is never in the same place twice.
Most crimminals in a city do not know that they are dealing with a Shadow Haggler when they are. The members of this group might appear as traders, other theives, or even members of the Army or the aristocrats!
It is known that there is a central leader of the Shadow Hagglers, but who this man is is unknown. It is known that he uses some of the most skilled fighters and assassians in the land.
In the Fourth Epoch, the Shadow Hagglers were found to be involved in slave trading.

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