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The heroes of our story now move to "Research X", an unfinished base of operations under construction long ago, but left abandoned in the 1980s for some reason to build Research 3.

The team decides to take a more direct approach, heading to find the superstar named Summer Childs, who is upposed to be a favored human of Japhet. Locating her in downtown New York, they discovered that she did not appear to realise that Japhet was a true demon, just thinking that she was eccentric or possibly even having a bizzare sense of humor. Using Summer to locate her manager in hopes of finding Japhet, the characters were surprised tofind Japhet with Molly (the manager) when they arrived.

Japhet made no move to attack, simply stating that she wanted to make sure where everyone stood. She said with no remorse that she never desired to be forgiven for her actions, only to be free of the Symphony. She also claimed that the angels that the characters were working for were "renegades" and that Daniel would verify this if they asked him.

Japhet than asked the characters to make a decision. Choose whether or not they would kill her or not. Did they trust her or was simply being something enough to be judged? Answering her question with action, McCord drew his weapon with lightning speed, putting three bullets into the air. Only one bullet hit her, but it was a head shot and was enough to put her down.

Molly, however, had different plans for the outcome of the battle, opening her vest to show the massive amounts of explosives under it. Reaching for the pins, she planned to kill everyone. However, Damien was skilled enough to take her down before the pins could be pulled. Matthew used a spell to breathe flame on Japhet to make sure she was dead.

Now with the room on fire, the group left quickly. However, McCord was not convinced that the demon was dead, and insisted on returning into the house. Made immune to the flames with Matthew's magical help, McCord did find Japhet taking her demon form (obviously using some of her corporeal skills). Shooting her again and then blasting her with a laser taken from Research 3, Japhet was finally cut in half and destroyed.

Leaving the scene, the characters decided to stop in an abandoned parking lot, barely lit by the lampposts in the street. After getting thier thoughts together, they decided to call Daniel to speak with him about Japhet's accusations.

Daniel gave the group the answers they sought. He claimed that the bible is phropecy, but that the story of revelation is vauge. The common conception is that most of the world's population will die after Satan uncovers his Antichrist and then all outwar begins. In the end, Satan is destroyed by Michael and thrown into hell. What if most of the in-between could be averted? What if the angels brang Satan out of hiding early by faking Michaels death, making Satan himself feel bold enough to come out into the open now that he thought Michael dead? Michael could destroy Satan. For the most part, revelation would be complete (fully if the right interpreters got going on it) without billions of people dying. However, to make sure that the illusion that Michael died at the beginning of the war, something would have to happen that it would appar that the angels would never cause. innocent people would have to be killed in the "beginning of the end". There were soilders already setting up the beginning of this battle, althought they did not know that the big plan was, only that they were making deals and plans and even killing people to make the outcome of the battle more favorable, and less devestating to the humans involved. The list of soilders was given to the group, and Daniel asked them for thier help.

The group said they needed time to think it over...

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