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Roland T'Shire

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Roland T'Shire (copyright J. Scott Pittman, Dogs of War Games; Artist J. Scott Pittman
Real Name: Roland T'Shire
Personality (optional): The Good Fight
Trademark (optional): Ponytail
Team: None (although he sometimes works with other fighters. He's not so arrogant as not to admit it when he needs help.
Occupation: Professional Street Fighter, Adventurer
Home: Born in New Orleans, wanders the world
Style: Jeet Kune Do
Concept: Wandering Hero
Signature: Bows to opponent, then throws a few rapid punches at the air
Attributes: STR 5, DEX 4, STM 4, CHA 2, MAN 2, APP 2, PER 3, INT 4, WIT 3
Abilities - Alertness 2, Intimidation 3, Insight 4, Streetwise 2, Instruction 1, Blind Fighting 2, Drive 3, Leadership 2, Stealth 2, Medicine 2, Style Lore 2, Mysteries 3
Backgrounds - Arena 5, Sifu ("Shogun") 4, Backing 2, Manager 5, Fame 3, Resources 3
Techniques - P4, K3, G3, B4, A3, F3
Special Maneuvers - All Basic Maneuvers, Throw, Punch Defense, Power Uppercut, Deflecting Punch, Triple Strike, San He, Kick Defense, Rising Storm Crow, Deflecting Kick, Counter Attack (Roland spends one point of Willpower and can use any Block Maneuver he sees fit as his action after his opponent has declared his action), The Dragon's Fury (Punch Maneuver: As a Cartwheel Kick, but requires Punch Technique, and uses Punch Technique to determine damage). Counter Attack and The Dragon's Fury were both designed by Roland, and he has yet to take any students of his own, as he conceders himself still a student, not a teacher.
Combos- Triple Strike to Power Uppercut
Unique Abilities (optional) - None
Blessings(optional) - (This character was not designed with the optional rules)
Burdens (optional)- (This character was not designed with the optional rules)(
Equipment - None
Renown - Honor 8, Glory 10
Division/Rank -Freestyle, Rank 6
Heart/Darkness(optional): (This character was not designed with the optional rules)
Chi/Willpower/Health - Chi 6, Willpower 6, Health 17
Notes - Roland T'Shire is an experienced hero who has been through many adventures. However, before becoming the man he is today, Roland was once a thug on the rough streets of New Orleans. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was a young child, and years later, Roland's mother didn't show to pick him up from martial arts classes that she had enrolled him in. She too had abandoned him.
Roland was a bitter, hateful young man, and turned to a life of crime with his gang buddies. However, he never left his martial art lessons. After all, this training helped him become a better fighter. But the teachings of Kalo, his sensei, began to eat at his conscience, and Roland knew what he was doing was wrong. One day, when he was 14, he made a vow to Kalo that he would become an honorable fighter.
However, some habits die hard. Although Roland quit his life of crime, he relished the Glory of winning in combat, and this was his true drive. He traveled the world, gained a manager of great ability, and finally quit the teachings of his sensei.
Still, his conscience got the better of him, and after getting over his own fame and arrogance, he returned to his teacher, who he found dying. The old man was very proud of Roland, and told him that now that he had seen Glory was fleeting, and only honor survives, he could begin his real study of the martial arts, and sent Roland to Japan, to study under The Shogun. Roland has told this much, but he refuses to tell who or what the Shogun is. Apparently, from Roland's skill, he must be a deadly fighter. Roland has stated that he "could never learn all there is to know from the Shogun".
Kalo left his dojo, and it's huge, secret arena to Roland. He has yet to host a tournament there.
Roland rides a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster, and tries to work on it, which usualy leads it to the shop (Roland is no mechanic, although he refuses to admit it). He has a younger sister, Samantha, and a niece, Susan.
Playing Roland: Roland is a hero at heart, but still finds it difficult to resist the temptations of Glory and Fame. He also can get angry and let his temper decide his actions for him, but it is hard to get him to this level of emotion. All in all, Roland is a man trying to find himself, but blocked by a past of pain and dishonor.
Quote: "I was once like you."

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