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River of magic

Role-Playing Games > Dark Kingdoms > Adventures 4

The River of Magic
(Deepsnow 36- Frostwind 20)
The group leaves to travel to Midtown to see Shadeer and to report to the queen of the progress of the search for the Rods. There they meet general Thane who asks Malachi to go against the queen and trade a large part of her treasure in return for aid by the dwarves in the battle against the Dark Queen to the north. Malachi agrees, and the group travels to the Heart Mountains. There, they discover that a river is infused with magical energies that can fuel the Rod's ability to seek the next section of the seven.
All goes well until Thegon Skor appears and challenges Malachi. Malachi is badly beaten, but manages to drown Thegon in a fight beneath the waters of the magical river. The Grey Cloak, Thegon's henchman, escapes.

During this time, the group learned that Sir Fallen once searched for the Rod and failed in the quest. He was aided by Himsal the mage and a female cleric named Maydeer, who was cursed by the Highfather to dwell on the isle of the north as a dark hag for her lack of faith when she could have helped save the world.
Shadeer is six months with child in the month of Frostwind.

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