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rescues and swamps

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Episode 8:
Rescue from Elvenwood
(Greenwood 27th- Early Summer)
After gaining some rest, Malachi was called to ask for a volenteer mission. Forces of the Dark Queen has taken a troop of prisinors into the Elven Wood to the east of Calan, where humans (as well as the Dark Queen's forces) were not allowed, subject to death for breaking the elven law. The commander decided to make a rescue attempt, but noted that the Army of Arember would have to deny that any forces were sent should they be found and captured, stating instead that the men there were acting of their own accord.
 Malachi volenteered for the mission, although the risks were great. Ambushed by several units of orcs, Malachi lost many men before defeating his attackers, slaying their leader single-handedly. The prisinors found, the men returned with their dead after making an uneasy meeting with elven archers who let the humans pass. The elves agreed it would be in everyone's best interest if everyone who knew about the rescue kept it a secret.
Men killed in this battle: 33
Gains: Mission accomplished. Prisinors rescued, secret of entering the forest kept safe.
Episode 9:
Battle of Dark Swamp
(Greenwood 34th - Early Summer)
With the majority of the armed forces now holding their own in the north, Malachi and his men were ordered to move to the south, to Riverwood. There they met commander Silvershield.
Just after their arrival, it was learned that several units of men were lost in the Dark Swamp to the south, to the forces of the Dark Queen. The forces were sent away by other troops, but their supplies were lost. Malachi's new orders were to find those supplies, including the six horses that were lost.
In the swamp, Malachi met the soilders that had fallen, now turned into hideous undead. To make matters worse, a large group of Lizardmen awaited to ambush his men once they began fighting the undead.
Through cunning command of troops, Malachi and his men were able to fight off the undead and the lizardmen with minimal loss in such a situation. Gaining some of the supplies and three of the horses, they decided it was best to cut their losses and retun home!
Men killed in battle: 14
Gains: Mission accomplished to an average degree. Half of the supplies were found, but at the cost of some lives. Still, the battle was seen as a victory given the circumstances, and Malachi gained presteige for bringing the majority of his men home alive from a situation that could have been certain death.

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