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Q: I have more than one Maneuver as Prerequisites for my new Maneuver. Do I get a reduction in Power Point cost for both required Maneuvers?
A: A Maneuver only gets a reduction for the Power Point cost of the most expensive of all required Maneuvers (or only one of them if they are equal in Power Point cost). Although this was not mentioned in the rules (by accident), there is an example under Mind Control.
Thanks to Jazzy Jeff (Jeffery Yurkiw) for bringing this question to our attention!

Q:Looking over the champs damage stuff...why is Strength + focus for damage +250 points when the benifit 'X For Damage' is only +30? Should focus for damage be 25 or 30 instead?
A: No. The Strength + Focus for damage is used as in the Stone Maneuver. That is, Strength is used to calculate damage instead of Intelligence (Intelligence being usual Attribute used in most Focus Maneuvers). Because the damage works like Stone, there is normally no damage bonus (although one can be purchased as usual).
As most characters in Street Fighter have a high strength as opposed to Intelligence, this is a great advantage for any Focus Maneuver (and some other types of Maneuvers as well). Thus the expensive cost. Of course, the damage rating is most effective when used with a Focus Maneuver.
Thanks to Jazzy Jeff (Jeffery Yurkiw) for bringing this question to our attention!

Q: X for damage simply allows you to swap one technique or stat for another when calculating damage. Right?...
...and if it only allows you to throw one source of damage (either stat or technique instead of both) then why does it COST 30 points instead of giving points as a disadvantage?
A: Using "X" for damage gives the character one score with a maximum of 8 for damage (if the Maneuver originaly had only one score for damage, see below), a much weaker damage rating. To even get a good damage rating with such a Maneuver you would need superhuman scores, not counting other bonuses that the Maneuver might have (which have their own costs). A Maneuver that originaly had more than one score for damage (An Attribute + a Technique, for example) can be altered with the "X for damage" Bonus, replacing an Attribute or Technique (or any other score) with a damge score of your choice, an advantage to be sure. For example, a Maneuver with a damage of Strength + Punch could be changed to Animal Hybird Background + Punch. Backgrounds are easier to obtain than Attributes. The "X for damage" Bonus does not make the Maneuver have only one source for damage (as shown above). It merely changes the source of one of the damage scores.

The "X for damage" should be further clarified by the following statement: If a Maneuver has two Attributes for damage, then this Bonus has a cost of 250, instead of 30.

Further clarification....
X for damage costs 30 points to change one damage source into another, no matter how many sources of damage the Maneuver has. You could change a Maneuver that simply uses Strength (only) for damage to Cybernetics (only), or a Maneuver that uses Strength + Punch +3 to Stamina + Punch + 3. Either way you change one score for 30 points.
You could use it to get around the Strength + Focus bonus by changing a Focus Maneuver (using Strength in place of Intelligence) or a Punch Maneuver (using Focus instead of Punch) for the same effect at a lesser price (hey - a loophole!). Considering that, I may simply take out Strength + Focus as a damage rating in the updated CHAMPS (coming out in 2001 sometime). I'm glad you're here pointing these things out to me (game creation rule #1: players will find the most minor quirks in your system the first time they try it out).

The math for this works well when compared to the original Maneuvers presented in the Street Fighter game. Examples can be found in the CHAMPS book under Drench, Knee Basher, and Tearing Bite.
Thanks to Jazzy Jeff (Jeffery Yurkiw) for bringing this question to our attention!

Q: I just have another question about creating the maneuvern i didn't really
catched how many PP you withdraw for a maneuver that is in the prerequisite (ex
in your site, why does the psycho channeling remove 3 PP and why the shockwave
remove 5PP? i mean how are the PP they remove obtained.)
A: Under the "Cost with required Maneuvers" section of Step Seven of creating a Maneuver, it states:

"If your Maneuver has another Maneuver as a Prerequisite, you must subtract it's Final Power Point score from the final Power Point score of your new Maneuver, unless that maneuver is a Jump or Throw Maneuver. This could make the Maneuver illegal if it lowers it to 0 or below.
If a Maneuver has more than one Prerequisite Maneuver at the final stage of it's Path, the Maneuver only subtracts the Power Point score of the prerequisite Maneuver that has the highest Power Point score."

Each Maneuver that has a prerequisite Maneuver subtracts the prerequisite Maneuver's final Power Point score (after modifiers) that would be paid by an "any" style. For example, Psycho Channeling costs 5 PP for any character in CHAMPS, so it reduces the cost of a Maneuver by 5 PP if it is a prerequisite. Shockwave costs 6 for "any" style, so it reduces the cost of a Maneuver by 6. Your Maneuver was Monkey Grab Punch, which has a cost of 1 PP for an "any" style, so it reduced Dragon Hand by 1 PP.

Air Suplex and Air Throw should be listed as Athletics + Grab Maneuvers under the listing that show what type of tag each Maneuver is in the Styles section.

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