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prisoner at the Isle

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Episode 5 :
Prisinor at the Isle of Camor
(Warmwind 40th - Spring)
   ... only to be caught in a Blue Storm, a deadly weather condition of fog, blue coulds, and lightning. Most ships never make it out of a Blue Storm.
 Once inside the deadly conditions, the ship was attacked another ship, manned by undead sailors. Luckily, the heroes were successful in sending the other ship away.
 Navigational tools useless, the ship wandered in the storm until it crashed on an uncharted island.
 Soon, the heroes and then the sailors were both captured by the forces of Sir Camor, an aged knight who once fought for the king, but claimed to have been falsely accused of crimes against the kingdom. He fled, but his ship was struck by a Blue Storm. Now trapped on the island, Sir Camor led a force of around 80 men who also were trapped in his new home.
 To make matters al the worse, a mystical creature known only as Vorkon was also on the island. Vorkon was immune to harm by any known means, and demanded human sacrifice from time to time. In return, the creature would not kill all of the men on the island. Sir Camor planned to use the heroes as the next sacrifice, although he dredded doing so.
 However, Salvador knew of the ancient legend of Vorkon. It was said that the creature was created by The Black Circle during the Mage Wars. Out of control, the mages sent the beast away to a magical isle, to the forgotten city of Al Tandra. There a weapon called the Cleave could be used to destroy the creature.
 However, one mage, called Faregot, refused to let the beast be destroyed, awed by it's power. He also traveled to the city of Al Tandra, and used the beast's might to kill all in the city, while keeping anyone who wanted the Cleave from the weapon.
 An aging priest of Highfather was able to best Faregot, protected from his magic by Highfather. However, the priest was unable to use the weapon himself. To keep the weapon from Faregot, and to make sure that someone truly worthy gained it, he set a series of riddles and traps along the way to it's secret hiding place, in the center of the city.
 Once Sir Camor heard the legend, he told the heroes that he did know of a ruined city to the north of the village he had built. Camor decided to free the heroes in return for thier aid in finding the Cleave and defeating the monster. he possessed a scroll of ancient make which Salvador discovere to be a spell that would stop Vorkon for a short time.
 Malachi agreed, and the journey to Al Tandra began. They soon reached the city, and after fighting trolls and magical illusions made their way to the center of the ruins. All the wile, Vorkon dogged the heroes, and they had to use the scroll simply to survive and enter the ancient cnter of the city.
 Once there, Malachi was chosen to enter the series of traps and riddles. There he had to over come the test of Concience, Wisdom, Intelligence and Instinct. The tests completed, he gained the Cleave, which rested on the top of the ancient temple, just as his friends were attacked.
 Camor and the other heroes fought valiently as Malachi grasped the Cleave, a ring of magical energy. Using it quickly, Malachi missed his first shot. Sir Camor, in a desperate attempt to give Malachi more time, pushed himseld and the beast off the ledge of the temple, beneath which was molten lava.
 Both the beast and Camor held on to the side of the building with thier remaining stength. The second attack of the Cleave struck home, and Vorkon fell to his death. However, Camor, now out of strength, thanked Malachi just before his grasp weakened, and he fell to his death in the firey pits below.
 The men of Camor's village now free of the monster, they decided to stay and forge a new kingdom of thier own. With the weather cleared, the stars could now nagvigate the heroes home.

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