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First, McCord decided to contact the list of soilders that Daniel had given him. He did so, meeting many new interesting characters, including Spencer, the most powerful soilder in the city, and Spider, a slick streetwise character who was not keen on being used to start the end of the world. Spencer, on the other hand, said it was his job to do as he was told and let heaven decide the fate of the souls he sent to the afterlife. They found that Spence was supposed to attack COMMLEAD (Communications Leaders) and destroy everyone there - claiming that they were all soilders. They were specifically supposed to take out Qumiby, COMMLEAD's CEO.

The heroes assumed that this action would be the one to somehow spark the Revelation and the end of the world as it is known. Still, there was some debate as to wether or not to stop the plan at all, but the characters fianlly decided to take the side against the plan - if Daniel was on their side, as McCord wondered. Kaden reveals that he is an athiest, and does not beleive in God, angels or demons.

Linda, one of the soilders under Spencer, did tell the group of Spencer's one weakness that she knew - that while he used his power of attack that caused his guns to not miss, his defenses were lost. However, the guilt of this betrayal piled on top of her lover being killed as well caused her to go overthe edge, apparently killing herself with a shot to the head. Searching her, the characters find Daniel's second number, one only used by Linda.

The characters decide to confront Daniel and ask him wherehe stands. They find out that Daniel does not beleive in the plan but had to go along with it or become a demon. However, he could still create a group of soilders to stop this "doomsday", and thats where the player's group comes in. Daniel had formed them purposely to fight against the plan, but they had to decide to do so on thier own.

Finding proof that there was a second gauntlet and that the gauntlets had power activated by pronouncing words across the insides of them (all of this gained by alibrarian who was not even aware she was working for angels) , the characters realise that they should return to the museum to get information on where it was. Successfully gaining this information and dodging other Soilders, they found that the object would be coming by boat to the museum.

During that time, Matthew was called by Moss, apparently being attacked. Matthew rushed to Moss' apartment, only to find the sorcerer dying, being split in two and hanging from the ceiling. The sorcerer laughed as if getting some great joke, and pointed at the books in his room, his last words being "they were reading the books!"...  Matthew took the books, finding out later that they were works on angels and demons - the way they were organized, the names of thier leaders, andmuch more.

Using the helicoptor owned by Callen Akram, the characters landed on the cargo boat, only to find that the gauntlet was already taken by the demon forces...

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