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Known For: Portraven is the largest and most powerful city in the kingdom, in the capital of Arember. Is a shoreline city, and is filled with merchants and traders every day. It as a large city guard, and the crime in the city is low (although it is still there). King Michael rules here in a castle that  dwarfs any dwelling, even churches, in other cities. The only structure  taller than Portraven Castleis the church of the high father, a large building with two towers that spiral up several stories higher than the castle itself. From  these towers the  great priests of the Highftaher pray for guidance  and power to help the King.

Walking Through the City: One feels safe walking in the streets of this magnificent city. During the day there is cheerful laughter in the streets, as talented performers (mostly Giren of good standing in thier city area) amaze the local populace. The guard is present but rare enough not to be noticed, and treats the people of the city with great respect. Above the clean streets and well built and maintained houses, the great castle at the edge of the sea can be seen, the fortress of Portraven, where the king himself sits. Beside it, the dual towers of the Grand Church of the Highfather are much thinner but are the highest buildings in the city. Colorful flags fly through the air almost everywhere, many of them with the kingdoms symbol on it, a blue circle with a white Raven inside. There is peace and happiness among the people.

Local Rumors: It is rumored that a serpent of some kind might be in the waters outside the castle. However, although it has been seen, it has not attacked anyone. In the woods nearby, it is rumored that a small herd of Pegasi has been seen.


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