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past and future

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Look to the Past, Look to the Future
(Firetree 19th - Midsummer)
The heroes now traveled to Calan, seeking the young lad known as Kerrick, disguised as a group of soilders led by Anthony who were seeking an escaped crimminal (Kerrick was not named as the crimminal, as it would cause him a bad reputation and possibly danger that he did not deserve).
Finally, the group caught up to Kerrick in Trader's Heaven, where they came to talk to him at the local House of Hamar (see the Power Groups section). While there, both Kerrick and his lovely companion and Malachi revealed that they both had some of the Rod. Together, they had three pecies.
Nervously, Malachi decided, with the group, to place the pecies of the Rod together to see if the Rod would magically bond to create a larger, more powerful weapon. However, this action caused a large explosion of power and light so great it knocked the roof from the building, although it did not hurt anyone present by some force of mysticism. Two of the three peices of the Rod went hurling away into the sky, disappearing from view and lost again.
After being kicked out of the House of Hamar, the two groups decided to combine their forces together to seek out the Rod. Together, they traveled on toward Midtown, Kerrick's home, to find the elf that was his father's friend, who might know more about the Rod.
The group was disheartened, and Malachi was understandably dismayed, complaining from time to time that they had mde no real progress toward finding the pecies now that two of them were gone. One (or "the"?) Wind Duke took Malachi back through time to show him what his life would be like if things had been diffrent, offering him the chance to save his sister who had died. Malachi refused to change the past, as he knew that even more horrible things could happen in another future (he later saw that in the alternate future the Dark Queen was taking firm control of the kingdom and that his brother had died).
Malachi did not learn that it is best to look into the future and not the past (he already knew this), but he did see at the end of his journey that he had forgotten that point when dealing with the Rod and that his attitude as leader would affect the performance of his followers. The next morning malachi focused himself to showing the others his dedication to finding the Rod.

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