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Some men are born with superior genes - changes in their basic structure that cause them to be different from normal humans. They are called Mutants.

Mutants hail from across the world, but for some unknown reason, most seem to be appearing from the United States, and recently Japan. They wield all sorts of incredible powers, without the need to develop their Chi it seems. A rare few barely have learned any Techniques and are still gaining Ranks on the Street Fighter scene. Some of these fighters are self-proclaimed heroes, champions of the normal man. Some just want the Glory. Whatever their goals, they seems to be rising in number and power...

Players are welcome to play mutants of any sort, and the wilder the better. Mutants often wear comic-book style clothing and work in teams (although this is not always the case).

Special Benefits
Mutants can purchase any Focus Maneuver at a price equal to their Style's Power Point cost -1, with a minimum of 1. They may also buy any other Focus Maneuver at normal cost as long as their Mutant Background is equal to the Focus and other Background requirement listed in the description of the maneuver.

Special Weaknesses
Mutants are distrusted by the general populace. They suffer social restrictions and are shunned in the same manner a Cyborgs. Each time they earn Glory, they must earn 2 temporary Glory points to actually gain the point.

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