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murder at the mansion

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Murder at the Duke's Mansion
(Hunting 7th)
Now late summer, Malachi and his followers reach Seatown, where Malachi and two guests (Micheal and Salvador) are invited to a party thrown by the local ruler, Duke Kemlin.
 The guests at the party were all fine people. Malachi, Michael and Salvador were present, Captain Connel of Seatown, Lt. Pike, the cousin of the Duke, Captain Levar, a wandering soilder who possesses a ring that gives him incredible strength, Gentleman Ranser from Portraven, and Duchess Killmourn, the wife of Dke Killmourn of Heart City.
 Not long after dark, the Duke was murdered by one of the guests at the mansion. Malachi had to unravel many clues to find out that the guilty party was none other than Lt. Pike, the Duke's own cousin. Apparently, he had become a Dark Human (see the Monsters and Foes section) and tried to steal a scroll with battle plans for the Dark Queen.
 Lt. Pike used poison to knock everyone at the party unconcious, but missed the Duke. He then used Lt. Levar's ring to rip open the Duke's safe, but was discovered by the Duke himself. he used the ring's magic to kill the Duke, then placed the ring back on Levar's hand to make him seem guilty.
 The poison used by the dark human caused spots to appear on the victim's face and hands. malachi discovered that Lt. Pike's "spots" were only makeup and did battle with him, killing the Duke's evil cousin.

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