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“If you touch The Savior, you or I will die. It would be a poor gamble on your part.”
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
203Character Points
Large male (6’4”) wearing body armor that covers his entire body. Aged, harsh voice.

Attributes [100]
Strength: 17, Intelligence 9, Dexterity: 9, Health: 14 [105 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d+2 (punch 1d), Swing 3d-1; Spd: 5.75; Move 5; Dodge 4*; Hit Pts 14; Fatigue 14; Lift: 425

Advantages [116]
Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Strong Will +5 [20] Alertness +5 (20), Combat Reflexes (+1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your
side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15], High Pain Threshold [10], Toughness +2 [25], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Weapon Master (Plasma Staff) (+1/5 of skill to weapon damage, use all primitive weapons at Easy DX‐1, Average DX‐2 and Hard DX‐3. Extra attack at skill 15, 18, etc.) [20]

Disadvantages [-131]
Appearance (Hideous) [-20], Poor (one‐fifth starting wealth) [-15], Low Status (property/slave) [-20], Sense of Duty (to friends) [-5], Code of Honor [life debt to Captain Blaze] [-5], Disturbing Voice [-10], Cannot Harm Innocents [-10], Selfless [‐10], Age (62) [‐36]

Quirks [-5]
Quiet, Fair, Honorable. Mowe stays by Captain Blaze nearly at all times. Never takes mask off.

Skills [123]
Acrobatics DX [4], Beam Weapons (blasters) DX [1], Climbing DX [2], Combat/Weapon Art or Sport 13 (defaults to short staff) [0], Computer Operation IQ +1 [2], Cooking IQ +1 [2], Detect Lies IQ +1 [6], Fast-Draw (knife) DX +2 [4], First Aid IQ [1], Gunner (starship blasters) DX [2], Interrogation IQ +1 [4], Intimidation IQ [2], Judo (Parries And Throws) DX +2 [16], Jumping DX [1], Karate (Punching and Kicking) DX +2 [16], Knife DX +2 [4], Knife Throwing DX +2 [4], Mechanic (starship) IQ +1 [4], Military Law IQ+1 [6], Musical Instrument (violin) IQ -2 [1], Philosophy IQ [4], Piloting (Starship) DX [2], Professional (Former Back Imperium Guard) IQ [2] ,Running HT -1 [2], Short Staff DX +2 [16] ,Swimming DX [1] , Theology IQ [4], Tracking IQ [2] , Wrestling DX +2 [8]

Weapons and Equipment
Large Knife: Knife skill, cut SW+2, range C or 1, maximum damage 1d+2
Blast Pistol (Generic): Beam Weapons skill, imp 6d, Acc 6, 2 pounds, ROF 3 (non-auto), 20 shots, recoil -1;  
Special: When rolls are made for damage using sci-fi weapons, they always cause 1 point of damage per die that bypasses up to 100 DR on a roll of 2-3, and 2 points if the die rolls 4-6. This is part of the damage rolled, not extra damage.  For example, if 6d is rolled and the results are 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, the damage is 17, and 8 points of the 17 will ignore up to 100 DR.  
Armor: Rebel/Medium (PD 3, DR 25, 20 lbs.)

Mowe (rhymes with “cow”) was once part of the Black Imperium, working as a unit captain, almost ready for retirement. He led a group that ambushed and nearly killed Captain Blaze, but an explosion ruined the capture. Mowe was covered in flame, and would have died, but Captain Blaze rescued him and brought Mowe back aboard his ship.
 While healing, Mowe did a lot of soul-searching, and realized that he had been wrong about the Imperium. His life had been a lie and the truth had been revealed to him by this savior named Blaze. He has dedicated his life to protecting Blaze and learning the truth of life from him.
 Blaze accepts the now horribly scarred Mowe as his companion (as he knows Mowe would have nowhere else to go), and the two have become allies. Blaze does not consider himself a hero, but how Mowe sees him makes him reflect on many decisions. Often the two argue, Mowe telling him he knows Blaze will not go through certain actions because “a savior would not do those things” and Blaze telling Mowe he can leave anytime he likes. In the end, the right decision is usually made, and the two work together well.  

Mowe is struggling with his beliefs but is sure he has made the right decision to follow Captain Blaze. Some of his quotes include:

“Killing is our last option. But it is an option.”
“Do not fear death. Fear a cowardly one.”
“There are many Saviors, beacons of light. They sometimes come not from where you would suspect.”
(to Blu-Ray) “The Black Imperium understands that we are the darkness that should seek the beacons of light, the Saviors. I believe Captain Blaze is one of those beacons, and I will follow him.”

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit. Join us at GURPS 3rd Edition on Facebook!

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