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Went to fight dark Naga in sea of clouds. Blake poisoned. Fought manticores, gained rod after almost losing it to manticores. Dark Naga escapes. Combines new piece of the Rod.
Went back to village on sea of clouds, went to midtown and had Malachi questioned. Sir Fallen took responsibility and was arrested.
Ruins of Golden Keep - Killed Severkon and Fergot while searching for Krag's piece of the Rod. Were hunted by Retreivers, which escaped.  
Took Krag's body back to dwarves. Went to elven forest to tell Yellondan that Y'Nell died.
Went to protect dwarves (with help of unicorns) from elven attack . Were successful. Dwarves came back and told that darkskies had destroyed Calan. Gra'Non comes to Malachi and offers to give his piece of the Rod in exchange for Malachi taking the throne of Arember. Unicorns take group to edge of Calan.
Darkskies destroys Calan. Group goes to Northtown to find Thane. Sent to mountains to find dwarves. Confronted Darkskies (for one whole game).
Group goes into caves...

The heroes find the surviving dwarves within the caves, and rescues them from a large group of ettins. The group escapes, except for Michael, who dies in an attempt to give the group more time to escape. His last words were "tell Malcahi that Himsal lied about what happened... he said that Sir Fallen chose to save the woman cleric when she begged for her life, and chose to give up the Rod for her life... she was cursed and the Rod lost. That was a lie! I thought Himsal wasn't telling the whole truth or lying about part of it. I confronted him while the rest of you slept that night... he told me..." Before Michael could finish, the Ettins launched a massive attack. Saving Michael could have cost the life of many of the group. Instead of risking the death of his friends, Michael dropped into the canyon below and disappeared into the darkness.
What part of Himsal's story was a lie, or was all of it? Or was he leaving some crucial part from his story? The companions thought on this as they travelled back to Northtown and delivered the survivors to the captain there.

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