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Midtown monsters

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Monster Within Midtown
(Firetree 29th)
The heroic band of companions finally reached the city of Midtown, where they planned to meet and talk with Kerrick's elven friend, Gethyere, to discuss the past of his father, who was called a "Guardian of the Crown" by a man in a city to the north (see "Adventures").
Once in the city of Midtown, Malachi reported to the commander in charge of the army, a knight and high priest named Sir Mallen. Sir Mallen was most kind of Malachi and promised that he would go far in the army of Arember.
However, there seemed to be a report of a Doppleganger within the city, and Mallen was detirmined to stop the creature no matter what. He ordered a complete shut off of the city at sunrise, so no one could come into or out of the city. A few days later, a Grand Priest of the Highfather would come into Midtown, and could use his magic to detect the beast, and the martial law would be lifted.
The Giren (pronounced Guy-Ren) were also in the city, a group of gypsy-like people who traveled and entertained for profit. They are also known for their con games played on many victims.
Malachi was given time to travel into the woods and find Gethyere, and found that the Guardians were men chosen to receive magical spells and potions by the Wind Dukes so that their offspring could be manipulated into finding the pecies of the Rod. As Malachi has found a piece of the Rod as well, he suspects that he might be the offspring of a Guardian as well.
Malachi also discovered that the Wind Dukes gave magic to the world, and thus caused the Mage Wars by accident. They refuse to teach more of their incredible powers, instead deciding to find warriors, instead of wizards, to do the hunting for the Rod. For that purpose, they created the Commander, the sword that Malachi possesses, if it is the same blade.
Finally, Gethyere told them that there are several Guardians, and that they all have at least one offspring. The Wind Dukes can manipulate time and space around the offspring, but not their minds.
Once they arrived back in the city of Midtwon, Malachi was ordered to begin the lock-down of the city. Then he was ordered to capture the Giren and place them in a warehouse in the north of the city.
Although Malachi felt badly about having to do such a thing, he had to follow orders, and the orders made sense. The Giren were though to be in leauge with the Dark Queen, making deals with her for gifts in return. Malachi had seen no evidence of this himself, but decided that it was better safe than sorry.
The following morning after the rough capture of the Giren, Malachi discovered that Mallen had visited the prisinors and had talked with Shaydeer, a beautifulo member of their people. Malachi thought it was strange, but said nothing to his commanding officer.
Sir Mallen's personality became even more strange when he decided that the prisinors who were in leauge with the Dark Queen would be killed, and the remainder would be sent north for "reconditioning". Malachi wanted no part of the new orders, hoping that the Grand Priest that arrived would counteract the orders.
The prisinors escaped during the night, however, hiding in the city's church and claiming sanctuary. Mallen arrived, and ordered that the Giren and the church be burned to the ground, as a final way to destroy the Giren and their evil, the doppleganger, and the church that held them.
Risking his position in the army, as well as his life, Malachi refused to burn the church and fought against Mallen. The soilders flew into each other, some taking the side og Malachi and some fighting against him, following their orders from Mallen.
During the battle, the church was caught ablaze, and Malachi darted inside to rescue Shaydeen, who was trapped in the upper part of the church. Mallen followed, and he and Malachi clashed swords.
Mallen was disarmed and fell when the upper floor began to burn. Although Shaydeen tried to rescue him, showing her mercy to even the most evil foes, Mallen fell to his death. Malachi grabbed her, and used a curtain to make a "rope" and swing to safety below.
The battle over, Malachi took control of the troops that were horrified that they had burned a church and almost killed innocent people.
The Grand Priest arrived, and was grateful to Malachi for his heroism. No punishments were dealt, as the men that fought for Mallen were following orders as they had been trained to do.
Apparently, Mallen was consumed to insanity for the quest to destroy evil, and to have Shaydeen as his wife. No evidence of a doppleganger was ever found in the city, and the Giren left in peace with thei leader, Fox. Shaydeen gave her bracelet to Malachi, in hopes that they would meet again someday.

Points of Interest

Giren all wear a tattoo of an animal of some type beside their left eye. The animal represents their inner self, according to their kinsmen. They do not choose the tattoo, the kinsmen do. However, the tattoo is (almost) always complimentary.
 Malachi met the leader of the Giren, a man known as Fox, who had a fox tatoo on his cheek. Shaydeen wore a cat tattoo on her cheek.

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