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Malcolm Reynolds

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Malcolm Reynolds
Also known as “Mal” or “Captain Tight Pants”
“Ah, hell, Shepherd, I ain't looking for help from on high. That's a long wait for a train don't come.”
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
400 Character Points
Human male somewhere between the ages of 31 to 49. Dark haired and handsome.

Attributes [130]
Strength: 14, Intelligence: 13 [30], Dexterity: 14, Health: 11 [100 points] Thrust/Kick 1d (punch 1D-2), Swing 2d; Spd: 6.25; Move 6; Dodge: 9*; Hit Pts 11; Fatigue 11; Lift 350

Advantages [268]
Alertness +2 [10), Charisma +2 [10], Combat Reflexes (+1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15],  20 Contacts (Basic, Fairly often, Usually Reliable) [20], Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Courtesy Rank (former Sargent) 1 (was promoted to Captain briefly at the end of the war out of desperation for leaders) [1], Danger Sense [15], Daredevil [15],  Fearlessness +3 [6], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Ship Owner* (Serenity, a 03-K64 Firefly-class transport) [15] Toughness +1 [10],  Very Handsome (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Allies (crew of the Serenity) [120]
* Ship owners receive a free level of Status, not cumulative with that gained from Merchant Rank 5 (Captain) or Wealth. They also receive free Courtesy Rank 5 (Captain or Owner).

Ally (Zoe)

Disadvantages [-70]
Bad Reputation -1 (fought for the Independents in a war that was lost with the Alliance, Bound by Law five times: smuggling, tariff dodging, transporting illegal cargo – no convictions) [-5], Cannot Harm Innocents [-10], Code of Honor (Keep the ship flying and your friends alive) [‐5], Intolerance (Alliance) [-5], Intolerance (Religious; Angry with God) [-5], Low Status (criminal element) [-15], Poor (one‐fifth starting wealth) [-15], Sense of Duty (to friends) [-5], Stubbornness [‐5]

Quirks [-5]
Was in the War (battles of Du-Khang, New Kashmir campaign, Battle of Sturges, Battle of Serenity Valley, possibly others), Complex, Smooth Talker, Likes Drinking/Gambling, Confident, Argumentative, Irritable, Fair, Honorable, Intellectual (but hides it), Has no idea who Mona Lisa is. Attracted to Inara but argues with her to release this tension between them rather than showing his affection for her.
Mal was raised by his mother and "about 40 hands" on a ranch on the planet Shadow.[16] Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprises his friends by displaying familiarity with disparate literature varying from the works of Xiang Yu[17] to poems[15] by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, though he has no idea "who" Mona Lisa is.
Skills [77]
Acting IQ-1 [1], Agronomy (Farming/Growing) IQ -1 [1], Animal Handling IQ -2 [1], Area Knowledge (known galaxy) IQ -2 [1], Area Knowledge (Planet Shadow) IQ [1], Armory (rifles and handguns) IQ -1 [1], Astrogation IQ -1 [1], Astronomy IQ -2 [1], Beam Weapons DX [1], Brawling DX +1 [2], Broadsword DX -1 [1], Carousing (uses the default of HT -2, modified by his good looks and charisma), Chinese IQ [2], Computer Operation IQ [1], Cussin’ (M/E): language skill IQ [1], Driving (automobile) DX [2], Electronics Operation (communications) IQ -1 [1], Electronics Operation (force shields) IQ -1 [1], Electronics Operation (security systems) IQ -1 [1] ,Electronics Operation (sensors) IQ -1 [1], English (native language) [0], Fast-Draw (pistol) DX [1] ,Fast-Talk IQ -1 [1], First Aid IQ [1] ,Fishing IQ [1], Freefall DX -1 [1], Freight Handling IQ -1 [1], Frontier Slang (M/E): language skill IQ [1] ,Gambling IQ -1 [1], Gunner (starship weapons) DX [2], Guns DX [1], Heraldry IQ -1 [1], History IQ -2 [1], Holdout IQ -1 [1], Hyperspace Physics (gravity drive) IQ -3 [1], Inertialess Agility DX -2 [1], Intelligence Analysis IQ -2 [1], Intimidation IQ -1 [1], Knife DX [1], Knife Throwing DX [1], Law IQ -2 [1] ,Leadership IQ +1 [4], Literature IQ [4], Lockpicking (uses default IQ -5), Mechanic (starship) (uses default IQ -4), Merchant IQ -1 [1] ,Military Law IQ -2 [1], Mutt Tongues (M/E): language skill IQ [1] ,Packing IQ -2 [1] ,Piloting (space freighter) DX +1 [4] ,Planetology (uses default IQ -5) ,Professional (Soldier) IQ [2], Riding (course) DX [2], Savior-Faire (Military) (uses the default IQ -4), Scrounging (uses the default IQ -4), Shadowing IQ -1 [1], Speed-Load DX [1], Stealth DX -2 [1/2], Strategy IQ [4], Streetwise (uses the default IQ -5), Swimming DX -1 [1/2], Tactics IQ [4], Thrown Weapon (Grenade) DX [1], Tracking IQ -1 [1], Veterinary IQ -2 [1]

Weapons and Equipment
Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B Liberty Hammer
The weapon featured two distinct firing systems, a newtech Gauss/Coilgun carriage and a conventional hammer based firing system. The default for the gun was Gauss mode but the switch over to certain conventional shells was immediate. The Gauss Carriage was powered by a hefty battery in the guns handle. This led to one of the weapons drawbacks, weight.
 The primary ammunition was NEWTECH Gauss Quadloads favored both for their punch and small size. The unique aspects of Gauss firing allowed for multiple shots to be carried in a single case.
 If the weapon was used in gauss mode, the ammunition was smaller and packed much more of a punch. In addition, due to the lack of necessary casing, the gun could carry more of this type of ammunition. However, the ammunition is expensive.

Gauss Mode: Ammo 30; damage 5D (crushing), snapshot 9, accuracy 8, one half damage 50, maximum 200, weight 5, rate of fire 3 (not automatic), strength required 8, recoil -1, cost 700, legality rating 2
Standard Ammo Mode: Ammo 20; damage is 3D (crushing), otherwise identical to gauss mode

Armor: Browncoat (PD 3, DR 25, 20 lbs.). Standard coat worn by military personnel of the Independents. It protects the back, arms, and will sometimes protect the chest and legs area (roll d6 - if the roll comes up 1-4, the area is protected). His boots are made from the same material, protecting his feet and legs (on a hit to the legs, roll d6 - if the roll comes up 1-5, the area is protected).

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit. Join us at GURPS 3rd Edition on Facebook!

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