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The Encyclopedia of the Dark Kingdoms

Captain Lesek
The captain in Heart City.

Captain Torlen
A charasmatic and cheerful captain, Torlen sails the ship known as the Stormrunner, and has crossed paths with Malachi and the other heroes more than once. He has sailed through the Blue Storms and survived, and is known to get cargo where other captains fail. However, he is a free trader, and not in the service to the Army of Arember.

Dark Queen, The
The Dark Queen leads the armies of chaos. She has been part of open war against the kingdom, but now remains in her Volcano in the western part of Arember.
 The most powerful and feared force of evil in Arember, the Dark Queen has never been seen, and only comunicates through her minions. She came to Arember over 200 years ago, and her armies have caused great destruction and pain on a regular basis. No one knows her true motives.
The only dragon known to be active in Arember. Darkskies has taken over the second mountain home of the dwarves, and demands a yearly payment from them.

Dopplegangers are evil creatures who serve the Dark Queen, who have the power to change their forms tyo appear as any humanoid they wish. However, they must keep those that they imitate alive, or they lose thier disguise.

Dwarves are stocky humanoids, standing about 4 to 5 feet in height. They are commonly strong, proud warriors and skilled craftsmen. The Dark Queen stole their home, and now they pay ransom to Darkskies, making them a bitter people.

Once good friends with humans and dwarves, Elves are slender humanoids of human height. They are graceful and skilled in combat and sometimes in magic as well. Their kingdom is known as Elfwood, where humans and dwarves (as well as many other humanoids) are not allowed.

Father Alours
The high priest in the city of Southsea. He is an aging man, but still strong and wise.

Father Cobain
The priest that aided Malachi and his unit gain the magical ring of true seeing from the tomb of saint Guthbert. Father Cobain was a priest in the service of the church of the Highfather in Portraven.

Fergot the mage, a member of the Black Circle, created Vorkon the Monster in the days of ancient magic and the Mage Wars. He was thought dead, but Malachi thinks he has some evidence that might mean the wizard still lives and wishes to continue his quest for chaos and darkness.

Fredrick Valorous
Malachi's oldest brother, and son of Gladwin Valorous. He is self-centered and arrogant, although most people love him. (Think of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast). Also see Gage Valorous and Malachi Valorous.

Gage Valorous
Malachi's older brother (although his oldest brother is Fredrick). Gage is not as strong as his brothers, but has his father's mind for business.

General Thane
Thane is the high general in the western part of Arember. His battles are legendary, and he has an astounding success rate. The public views him as a kind of "superhero", and his reputation is the greatest of any military man in Arember. He is a knight of Arember as well as holding his position as general. He is sometimes referred to as "Lord Thane" and even "Master Thane".

A soilder in one of Malachi's battles that lost his arm in the battle of Goldenwood Pass. He now lives in Calan on "light duty", guarding an Inn called the Raven's Nest. Greenwoods keeps a sharp eye out on Calan, and Malachi knows that he can count on him to know a little something about almost anything going on.

Himsal is a powerful mage that lives in the mountains west of Trader's Haven. He refuses to use or teach magic any longer and lives a life dedicated to pacifisim.

King Gilan
King Gilan ruled Arember until his recent death at the hands of the forces of the Dark Queen. His daughter took the throne after his death (see also Queen Lenan).

King Trollcrusher
The mighty king of the dwarves. King Trollcrusher does not wish to anger Darkskies, but did allow Krag to travel in search for a way to defeat the monster.

A beautiful young woman who travels with Kerrick. Everyone who meets her thinks there is much more to this simple archer than they can put their finger on. Also see Kerrick.

Lt. Aldanus
A soilder in the Army of Arember in Woodway.

Lt. Braker
The first Lieutenant that Malachi served under. Lt. Braker was killed by the dopplegangers that tried to kill king Gilan.

Lt. Savar
This Lt. helped the group get to Southsea and save Salvador's life. He led men from Southsea.

Lt. Shale
A scout of some reputation in Woodway, who is almost always seen with his good friend Lt. Aldanus.

Malachi Valorous
Malachi is one of the various heroes who is seeking the Rod of Seven Parts. He is brave and a good leader, although not very charasmatic. He leads through example and through his reputation.

Michael Jarlane
Michael is a young man from the rich family of merchants known as The House of Jarlane. Arrogant and pig-headed, Michael is also a great fighter, second only to Malachi in the unit. He considers himself above the others. Michael was killed in the Battle of Portraven, but his was brought back to life in exchange for one of the Rods by the devil known as Gru'Non.

One of the Dark Queen's wizard-generals. He leads many orcs and has been a thorn in the side of the adventurers that hold the piece of the Rod. He once took over Heart City.

Queen Lenan
The current ruler of Arember, Queen Lenan has little political or military training. However, she seems confident enough, and most of the kingdom agrees to her rule as she is a direct decendant of King Gilan.

Husband to Velesa of the House of Hamar in Trader's Haven. Reltan was rescused by Kerrick on one of his first adventures, which made him quite popular with Velesa and her brothers and sisters that favor her.

An "information man" in Portraven. he sells information for a price, and seems to know what is going on throughout the city, even in it's darkest corners to it's highest courts. Selane appeared horribly scarred.

Sir Ellis
Sir Ellis is one of the knights in the city of Portraven, who serves the royal family. His fate since the fall of Portraven is unknown.

Sir Fallen
Sir Fallen has made quite an impact on the adventures of the characters, fighting at one time to take the throne of Arember. He now acts as an advisor to the Queen, and holds the rank of Knight.

Sir Gelane
A knight under the service of General Thane. He often appears where Thane does.

Urakak (you-a-cac)
One of the spyder-fiends, defeated by the heroes in the Sea Mountains.

Wizard: Talamoth Dune
Talamoth was a wizard who lived in northern Stormwood, who was killed by an archer. He was a kind man, who sometimes used his magical powers to help the needy.

Vorkon was the monster of the lost city in the adventure called Prisinor at the Isle of Camor. The creature was very powerful, and nearly invulnerable to attack. Malachi wounded the creature badly and then watched as it dropped into molten lava beneath him.

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