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Lucky Joe

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Lucky Joe (copyright J. Scott Pittman, Dogs of War Games; Artist J. Scott Pittman
Real Name: Jerry Brown
Personality (optional): Petty Greed/Revenge
Trademark (optional): Cybernetic Arms
Team: None (although he sometimes works with Shadoloo teams as a fill-in member)
Occupation: Professional Street Fighter, bodyguard, criminal
Home: Born in Chicago, now lives in New York, New York
Style: Boxing
Concept: Extra-tough henchman
Signature: Throws a few rapid punches at the air
Attributes: STR 6, DEX 2, STM 6, CHA 1, MAN 1, APP 1, PER 2, INT 1, WIT 1
Abilities - Intimidation 5, Streetwise 3. Joe isn't a smart man, and has never learned much.
Backgrounds - Allies/Backing/Contacts 3 (all Shadaloo-related), Fame 2, Manager 3, Cybernetics 4
Techniques - P5, G4, B5, A1, F1
Special Maneuvers - All Basic Maneuvers, Throw, Fist sweep, Dashing Punch, Turn punch, Throw, Spinning Clothesline
Combos- Block to Jab to Roundhouse (dizzy), Block to Throw
Unique Abilities (optional) - None
Blessings(optional) - Rapid Healing 2
Burdens (optional)- Mental Burdens: Impulsive 3, Overconfident 3, Addiction to Gambling 5, Sadism 3
Equipment - None
Renown - Honor 0, Glory 6
Division/Rank -Freestyle, Rank 6
Heart/Darkness(optional): Heart 1, Darkness 6
Chi/Willpower/Health - Chi 2, Willpower 8, Health 15
Notes - Jerry Brown, called "Lucky Joe" in the ring, was an upcoming boxer with a great future. Again and again, he devastated his opponents in the ring. But one night, some shadowy men approached him and "requested" that he throw a fight. Of course, Jerry refused, and not in a nice manner. Three of the men went to the hospital that night with severe injuries. Later that same day, more men arrived, and this time it was Jerry who lost the fight. The men decided to teach Jerry a lesson by amputating his arms from the elbows down.
Jerry was devastated, his career ruined. However, while staying in the hospital, Balrog, the champion boxer, approached Jerry and told him it was indeed his lucky day. Balrog had a few friends that were willing to replace Jerry's missing arms with new, advanced cybernetic arms and hands. All Jerry had to do in return was to work as a fighter in the Street Fighter ring, and of course, a little "extra" work on the side. He would never be expected to lose a fight on purpose. "Lucky Joe" agreed, and the arms were attached. Since that time, he has become a real force to be reckoned with.
truth be known, Joe doesn't care to fight anymore, and misses his old boxing days. But staying in the ring will help him find those responsible for his condition, and he will then extract his revenge against them. What he doesn't know is that Shadoloo arranged the entire thing, so that Joe would make money for them one way or another.
Appearance: Lucky Joe stands 6 foot, but is very imposing. e is nearly as wide as he is tall, with his cybernetic arms in place. He is an african-american, and in the ring wears a red outfit. Outside the ring he wears slacks and a muscle shirt.
Playing Lucky Joe: Lucky Joe is a bitter man. Although he has women, he won't keep one for long. Lucky loses all his money on gambling, to which he is addicted. He has become more and more violent since his "mishap", and more callous. He won't think twice about seriously injuring someone, although he has yet to kill. There might be some hope for this individual to turn around, away from the path of darkness, but each day that passes seems to drive that hope farther away.
Quote: "Break his arm boss? Uh, which arm?"

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