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Locutus of Borg
“I am Locutus, of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service us.”

GURPS 3rd Edition Character and campaign notes by J. Scott Pittman
430-Point Character

Attributes [85] Strength 14 [20 + Borg template advantage]; Dexterity 11 [10]; Health 11 [10], Intelligence 14 [45]

Advantages [352.5]
Composed [5], Fit [5], Force Field that adapts to attacks (this is Invulnerability to Common Attack: Energy with a Limitation of new types of energy attacks must attack the borg 1d6 times before the entire Collective will develop an immunity -25%) [112.5], High Technology [20], Increased Strength +2 [+20], Intuition [15], , Legal Enforcement Powers (the Borg are using this drone as a speaker to the human population which makes him appear to be “in charge”. Drones were programmed to react to him as a leader, even though he was an equal to them. Disconnected drones actually see him as a leader) [10], Mindshare (Global Consciousness, Intelligent Drone, Galaxy-Wide) (Note that the telepathic link of the Mindshare is technological in nature, and can be detected and blocked or cut off, although doing so is very difficult due to the advanced technology of the Borg. If not prepared (if thrown across space to another Quandrant or something similar) the Borg can be cut off. The Borg are confused if cut off from the Collective, but are intelligent enough to try to establish the link again (and most will desire to do so due to their Slave Mentality). -35% [75], Patron (Borg Collective; Incalculable Value and provides equipment) [35], Strong Willpower +5 [10], Toughness 1 [10], Unfazeable [15], Vacuum Support [40], Warrior Borg Cybernetics: Drug Factory (able to paralyze a victim by touch with drugs) – resisted by HT-7. Locutus also had minor cybernetic enhancements that allowed him to detect energy manipulation, and generally gave him a fearsome, intimidating appearance [40]

Disadvantages [-177]
Age [-3], Artificial Heart [0], Bad Reputation -4 (as a monstrous race that assimilates others against their will) [-20], Callous [-6], Extreme Fanaticism [-15], Extremely Hazardous Duty (to the Borg Collective) [-20], Hive Mentality [-20], Involuntary Duty to the Borg (all the time) [-80], Low Empathy [-15], Monstrous Appearance [-25], No Sense of Humor [-10], Obsession (assimilating races) [-15], Odious Personal Habit: Assimilating Others [-15], Overconfidence (generally overconfident, even ignoring individuals unless they become a threat [-10], Reduced Move -3 [-15], Slave Mentality [-40], Split Personality (decreased chance if connected to the Borg Collective) [-5]*, Stubbornness [-5], Unnatural Features (cybernetics, complexion) [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Bald, Talks with an English accent, Obsessed with Assimilating Sector 001

Note that Locutus also has access to all IQ-based skills accessed by the Borg from assimilated races. This can be considered to be almost every race in the galaxy, except for a few lucky races and remote races such as those on the opposite side of the galaxy. Consider Locutus to have access to every skill from all races that have come into contact with the Borg at IQ 12.
 Locutus has access to Captain Picard’s skills, but does not use most of them except knowledge that would give him strategic advantages over Sector 001. Since he does possess the knowledge of those skills, however, they are listed here.  

Leadership (82 points)
Administration IQ +2 [6],
Area Knowledge (Federation) IQ [4],
Detect Lies IQ +1 [6],
Diplomacy IQ +4 [12],
Intimidation IQ +1 [4]
Law (Federation) IQ [4]
Law (Klingon) IQ -2 [1],
Leadership IQ +5 [12],
Professional (Starship Captain) IQ +4 [10],
Savior-Faire IQ +1 [2],
Savior-Faire, Military IQ [1],
Strategy (Space) IQ +3 [10],
Tactics IQ +1 [6],
Xenology IQ [4]

Hobbies, Interests & Sports (42 points)
Horseback Riding DX [2]
Literature (Shakespeare, others) IQ [4]
Archeology IQ [4]
Musical Instrument: Flute IQ [4]
Appreciate Beauty (Classical Music) IQ -2 [2]
Philosophy (general study) IQ +1 [6]
Fencing DX +1 [4]
History: Literature IQ -2 [1]
Piano IQ [4]
Airships in Bottles IQ [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
Gambling (Poker, new interest) IQ [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
Racquetball DX [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
History (Federation) IQ [4]
Anthropology (study of culture): Klingon IQ -2 [1]
Wrestling DX [2]
Swimming DX -1 [1/2]
Latin IQ -1 [4]
French IQ-1 [1]
Despite Picard having been born in France, he had a distinct English accent. According to TNG: "Code of Honor", by the 24th century, French was considered an archaic language. Picard remembered French children's songs like "Frère Jacques," as mentioned in TNG: "Disaster" and played by him on the Ressikan flute in TNG: "The Inner Light". He also occasionally cursed "merde" in times of stress, such as in "The Last Outpost" and "Elementary, Dear Data", and spoke at least basic French ("11001001").

Combat (8 points)
Pilot (Shuttle) DX [2]
Karate DX -1 [2]
Judo at DX -1 [2]
Beam Weapons (Phaser) DX [1]
Free Fall DX -1 [1]; given a -1 here because the skill is trained but rarely used

Technical (23.5 points)
Computer Operation IQ +1 [2]
Electronics (Computers) IQ +1 [6]
Electronics Operation: Tricorder IQ [2]
Mathematics IQ [4]
Mechanic (Starship) IQ -2 [1/2]
Area Knowledge (USS Enterprise) IQ +1 [2]
Electronics Operation (Transporters) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Shields) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Communications) IQ [2]
Electronics Operation (Security Systems) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Sensors) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Starship Weapons) IQ -1 [1]

Science & Medicine (15 points)
First Aid IQ [1]
Astrogation IQ +1 [4]
Astronomy IQ +1 [6]
Physics IQ [4]

Special Skills & Knowledge

Knowledge of Sarek IQ +2 [0]
 This is more of a role-playing note that an actual skill. Because he once shared a mind-meld with Spock’s father, Locutus would know a great deal more about this character’s history and emotions then the common person, as if he were a very close personal friend.

The Atlantis Project IQ -1 [1]

 As the Federation will be assimilated, and could be by force, there is a chance of complications if excessive force were to be used. An intimidation tactic was designed to lessen the damage to the Federation, as it was calculated that most of that group would fight to the death if necessary, which would not be beneficial to assimilation.
 Locutus is the Borg Assimilation of Captain Picard of the starship Enterprise, the flagship of the Federation. The Collective has allowed the drone to speak as a simulated individual so that the people of sector 001 might comply to Borg demand, as they are used to individual leaders.
 Locutus, like the rest of the collective, is a fanatical believer in the Borg and it’s mission to create a more perfect life for all beings in the universe. Sacrifices will have to be made in the process, which is logical. Changes are always resisted but fail.
 Picard’s knowledge serves Locutus well, and the Collective uses his memories and skills to defeat the Federation at every turn. Those skills with the higher technology level of the Borg give an overwhelming success chance that Sector 001 will be successfully assimilated. The Picard former personality sometimes tries to come forward, but is easily pushed aside by Locutus’ superior Borg focus. The Picard personality was weak, flawed. Locutus is the perfected version of the body and mind.  
 Locutus is very matter-of-fact in all of the decisions of the Collective. He has no pity or remorse, but nor does he actively desire to destroy. His main goal is that of the Collective, to assimilate by large groups.

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit. Join us at GURPS 3rd Edition on Facebook!

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