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Lady Tormentous

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Lady Tormentous, “The True Flame”
“Fire is truth”
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
422 Character Points
Beautiful red-haired human female with yellow-green eyes. Fair skinned, voluptuous figure. Always seems relaxed.

Attributes [100]
Strength 10, Intelligence 16, Dexterity 12, Health 10 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d; Spd: 5.5; Move 5; Dodge: 7*; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift: 250

Advantages [246]
Filthy Rich [50], Status 4 (powerful Fire Witch) [20], Legal Enforcement Powers (only answers to a few in her Circle and the highest nobles – and the High Lord) [15], Security Clearance (trusted even by the High Lord) [25], Very Beautiful (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Strong Will (+5) [20] Charisma +3 [15], Alertness +2  [10], 10 Contacts (Basic, Fairly often, Usually Reliable) [10], Patron (High Lord/Kingdom of the Black Bull) [40; small nation with access to equipment and magic], Magery 1 [15]

Disadvantages [-71]
Bad Reputation (-2 as a dangerous witch) [-10], Duty (to the Circle and High Lord) [-10], Sense of Duty (to friends) [-5], Callous [-6], Greed [-15], Sadism [-15], Overconfidence [-10]

Quirks [-5]
Smooth Talker, Confident, Sexy, Large Tattoos of a Dragon and a Phoenix on her arms, Likes Large Drum Music

Skills [48]
Knife (DX+1), Thrown Weapon (Knife) (DX+1)

Language Expert
Language (IQ) Elvish, Dwarvish, Goblinoid, Language (IQ-1) Dragon, Celestial, Demonic

Martial Artist
Judo (DX-1), Karate (DX-1, add 1/5 of final score to damage), Fast-Draw* (DX+1)

Poisons (IQ-1)

Military Leader
Leadership (IQ)

Diplomacy (IQ-1), Law (IQ-1), Savior-Faire (IQ+1)

Religious Leader
Area Knowledge, Local (IQ+1), Hidden Lore (Magic) (IQ), History (IQ-1), Occultism (IQ), Theology (IQ-1)

Magic Breath (DX1), Magic Jet (DX+1), Spell Throwing (DX+1)

Spells [104]

Empathy/Truth Magic
The Path of Empathy is one of the least seen and most feared, allowing the reading and of the mind and, at its most powerful, the possession of the body. What is more dangerous than someone that can know all of your darkest secrets?

Basic Empathy
Sense Life (IQ) [4]: Area; detects life and what kind, and people the caster knows. BC: ½
Sense Foes (IQ) [4]: Area; detects hostility (and degree), but not who. BS: 1
Sense Emotion (IQ) [4]: Detects emotions and loyalty on one subject. Cost: 2

Basic Truth
Truthsayer (IQ) [4]: Resisted by Will; Detects lies from the subject. Cost: 2 per statement.
Persuasion (IQ) [4]: Resisted by Will; Adds twice spent to reaction roll.

Compel Truth (IQ) [4]: Resisted by Will: The subject must tell the truth (but is not compelled to speak). Duration: 5 minutes. Cost: 4 to cast, 2 to maintain.
Mind-Reading (IQ) [4]: Resist/Will; 1 min. o/secret surface thought reading. Cost: 4 (2/m)
Hide Thoughts (IQ) [4]: Adds +10 to resist mind reading or control. Cost: 3

Fire Magic/Red Magic

Basic Fire
Ignite Fire (IQ) [4]: Sets fire to a normal, readily flammable object. Requires a full second concentrated on the object. Cost: Tougher items might require more energy. A candle or pipe might require 1, while heavy wood would require 4, for example.
Create Fire (IQ) [4]: As Ignite Fire but over an area and without fuel required. The fire burns for 1 minute. Area Spell; Base Cost: 2, half to maintain (none to maintain if the area was ready to burn, such as being covered in leaves or wood).
Shape Fire (IQ) [4]: The caster can take existing flame and shape it, one second per shape change. Hexes can be divided, but the damage will also be. The shaped fire lasts 1 minute. Area Spell; Base Cost: 2, half to maintain.
Extinguish Fire (IQ) [4]: Puts out fires, 3 Fatigue per hex extinguished.
Fireproof (IQ) [4]: Prevents fire in an area. Will not extinguish fires brought into the area after casting, but they will not ignite anything else. Magical fires are possible, but are set at -5. Note that this stops guns from firing in a modern setting.

Advanced Fire
Heat (IQ) [4]: Heats an item up to glowing hot for 1 minute. Cost: 1 for a small item, 2 for a larger item such as a sword or suit of armor, 3 for each full hex. Same to maintain. Time required: 1 minute; double the energy required to halve the time. Each passing of the time required raises the temperature of the object by 20 degrees, if this comes up in play.
Cold (IQ) [4]: As Heat, but lowers the temperature of objects down to absolute zero (by 20 degrees per casting). Learned by fore mages as a process to control heat.
Resist Fire (IQ) [4]: The subject becomes immune to heat and fire for 1 minute. Cost: 2 per person or hex; 1 per minute to maintain. Cost doubles for lava or the like, and triples for a nuclear blast or star!
Fireball (IQ) [4]: 1-3 dice of damage to a single foe. ACC +1, max distance 50 yards. Cost: 1-3, depending on the dice of damage caused. Time to cast is 1-3 seconds, depending on the energy spent.
Flame Jet (IQ) [4]: Causes a flaming sword that causes 1-3 dice of damage. Lasts as many seconds as the caster keeps maintaining. Cost: 1-3 (same as dice of damage)
Flameturning (IQ) [4]: Blocking; The subject is immune to one heat-based attack. Cost: 3
Fire Cloud (IQ) [4]: Area; Base Cost: 1-5; Causes 1: (1-2 points of damage), 2: (1-3 points of damage), 3: (d6), 4: (2d6), 5:  (3d6). Armor protects normally.

Extreme Fire
Breathe Fire (VH) (IQ-1) [4]: As Flame Jet, but the caster breathes fire at 1d+1 per die summoned. 1-hex range only. Does not use the hands to cast. Roll DX-2 or Magic Breath skill. Cost: 1-4, depending on how many dice are caused.
Explosive Fireball (IQ) [4]: Spend 2, 4 or 6 energy for a 1-3 dice fireball that also causes half damage rolled to adjacent hexes. Time to cast is equal to the energy placed in the spell. ACC +1, max distance 50 yards.
Flaming Weapon (IQ) [4]: Causes a melee weapon to become surrounded by fire that will not harm the subject user, but will allow the weapon +2 damage if the normal weapon penetrates DR. Flammable items, such as staves, are consumed when the duration is over. Cost: 4 to cast (1 to maintain), Duration: 1 minute.
Explosive Missiles (IQ) [4]: As Flaming Weapon, but cast on a weapon that fires missiles. Each missile fired causes +2 damage if the missile penetrates DR. Cost: 4 to cast, 2 to maintain, x2 cost if the missiles are stone or metal. Time to Cast: 3 seconds.

Simple Illusions
Simple Illusion (IQ) [4]: Creates an insubstantial image that has no actual effect on the real world. Affects vision only. An onlooker can take a turn and make an IQ roll to disbelieve the object or scene. If an object in the illusion is touched it is dispelled. The object or scene does not require concentration unless movement is involved. Area Effect; base Cost 1, half to maintain; Duration: 1 minute
Illusion Disguise (IQ) [4]: Cost: 3, turns an illusion (Simple, Complex or Perfect) cast by the same caster into a disguise that surrounds the subject. Concentration is not required, spell lasts as long as the illusion spell would have.

Weapons and Equipment
Large Knife: Knife skill, cut SW+2, range C or 1, maximum damage 1d+2
Armor, Leather (PD 2, DR 2, 10 lbs.), Generic Helmet (8 lbs.)
Powerstone (in amulet form) (20 points of Fatigue)

Fire. I dream of fire and it is always there when I am awake, in my mind, in my soul.
 I was only a young girl, and this kingdom young as well when the man that would become King Michael came into our village. The knights slaughtered the ones they called heretics and evil – that is to say most of us – and sent the others running, scattered throughout the kingdom. One of the ones slain by Michael’s sword was my mother, who I remember caring for deeply. It is a pity she was so weak. She failed me miserably.
 I was placed in a prison, as the people of the Kingdom of Arember did not know what to do with me and my abilities. I waited and picked the right moment to escape, killing two of the guards as I left so that they would remember me. My illusions aided me, but I am no ranger and barely survived, making my way back to my homeland to die.
 There I was found by The High Lord, master of the Kingdom of the Black Bull. He saved my life, and took me in as a daughter. He has allowed me to join the Circle, as my mother did, but I have surpassed her weak talents. I aid the High Lord with my magic as his personal wizard and cause as much pain as possible to the kingdom that destroyed my childhood and killed my people.
 I have little pity for those I watch burn. I have risen from the ashes as a new creature. One that sees both truth and fire.

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit. Join us at GURPS 3rd Edition on Facebook!

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