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Killer Luks

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Killer Luks (Luks Walker)
"I saw Luks come into the bar. She was smoking a cigerette with one hand and holding that auto-pistol in the other. I saw here looking at Winston. We all knew he had a bounty on his head. We all knew he liked to beat up girls. I got my jacket and left. It was new and I didn't want to get blood all over it." - Clyton, a local hustler
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
Campaign/Setting: Cyberpunk
232 Character Points
37 years old; 5’4”, female, short blonde hair, one glowing cybernetic eye

Attributes [100]
Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Dexterity 17, Health 10 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d; Spd: 6.75; Move 6; Dodge 12*; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift 250

Advantages [151]
Very Beautiful (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex), [25] Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Fearlessness +5 [10], Alertness +2 [10], Combat Reflexes +1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15], High Pain Threshold [10], Fit (5, recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Luck (re‐roll once/hour) [15], Sharpshooter (always gain ACC of guns, knowledge of all guns, negate 2 penalty pts. to hit with guns) [45], Patron (Bounty Hunter Guild; powerful group (about the size of the local police, but does not provide a lot of equipment) [15]

Disadvantages [-93]
Bad Reputation (as an insane killer) [-15], Low Status (street bounty hunter, violent criminal) [-15], Sense of Duty (to orphan girls) [-10], Code of Honor (Finish the Job, Never Harm Young Women) [-10], Secret (location/true identity; death) [-30], Serious (Quirk), Jock (Quirk), Smokes (Quirk), Stubbornness [-5], Inhuman Feature (glowing cybernetic eye) [-5]

Skills (2 points each) [74]
Acrobatics (17-1), Climbing (17), Jumping (17+1), Wrestling (17) Running (17-1), Swimming (17+1),
Computer Expert
Computer Operation (10+1), Computer Programming (10-1), Computer Hacking (10-2), Electronics, Computers (10),
Area Knowledge, Local (10+1), Guns (Pistol) (17+2 with IQ bonus), Forensics (10-1), Law (10-1),
Driver (car thief, getaway driver, race car driver, etc.)
Driving (car) (17), Mechanic (car) (10)
Judo: Throws (17-1), Karate: Punching & Kicking (17-1, add 1/5 of final score to damage), Intimidation (10)
Acting (10), Detect Lies (10-1), Gambling (10), Holdout (10), Mathematics (10-1), Sleight of Hand (17-1)
Knife (17+1), Thrown Weapon (Knife) (17+1)
First Aid (10+1)
Escape (17-1), Stealth (17), Streetwise (10), Fast-Talk (10), Scrounging (10+1), Shadowing (10), Lockpicking (10), Poisons (10-1), Hidden Lore (Local Criminal Network) (10)

Weapons and Equipment
Archaic Weapons Large Knife: Knife skill, cut SW+2, range C or 1, maximum damage 1d+2

Guns! Auto Pistol (Generic): Guns (pistol) skill, cr 2d+2, Acc 3, 2 pounds, ROF 3 (non-auto), 15 shots, recoil -1

The Big Guns Grenade (Generic): Thrown Weapon skill, crushing damage 5d, 1.5 pounds LAW Rocket: Guns (Light Antitank) skill, Damage 6174(10), Acc 10, 5 pounds, 1 shot

Armor, Generic Science Fiction Medium (PD 3, DR 25, 20 lbs.)

Luks Walker was brought up in the government schools in sector 320-C, like thousands of other kids in the area. One of millions in the schools, Luks was bullied by other students and abused by the adults in ways that she cares not to talk about.
 Many years ago she broke free in a major way – by killing her teacher and abuser. She escaped into the streets. She became a survivor, a fighter, and was taken notice of by the bounty hunter guild and taken in. There she was trained and became Killer Luks. With the guild’s protection, she avoids the local police by bribery or places to hide. During one fight she was wounded badly and had an eye replaced with a sinister glowing cybernetic model.
 Luks has become known as a ruthless and somewhat unhinged killer that has no remorse. In fact, she secretly gives all earned money to support private orphanages – in particular Mary’s Home, that contains all young women.
 Luks hates men, but works with them just fine. Still, every man she gets to put down makes her feel better for a little while. She prefers dead over alive for her contracts.
 In her free time, Luks watches sports and works out at the local gym, preferring to wrestle and teach young women to fight for themselves.

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit. Join us at GURPS 3rd Edition on Facebook!

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