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Karate is one of the best known martial arts styles in the world. It's name means "empty hand". It's origin lies in Okinawa, but there are many different variations today, many taking maneuvers from other styles, mostly from Japan when this is done. Karate has had a boom of interest in the United States since the 1960s, mostly being taught as a sport or as self-defense. Kicking and punching are the main focus of Karate, although rarely some grabs and throws may be taught. Ways to resist locks and throws are also important aspects of the style.
Traditional Karate calls for power and strength - the ideal practitioner could kill or disable an opponent with a single blow. Chi is often channeled into special moves by using various deep shouts.

The Style presented here is simply a version similar to Shotokan Karate, without some of it's more popular (and powerful) moves. This is the common man's Karate, and while not as powerful as Shotokan, it is easier to master and is quite effective on it's own.

Initial Willpower: 4
Initial Chi: 3
Preferred Weapons: None in traditional Karate, various weapons in some of the variants

Maneuvers: Use the costs for Shotokan Karate except where noted.

Punch Special Maneuvers
Knife Hand Strike
Lunging Punch

Kick Special Maneuvers
Ax Kick
Double Dread Kick
Foot Sweep

Block Special Maneuvers
Missile Reflection 1

Grab Special Maneuvers
Back Roll Throw

Athletics Special Maneuvers

Focus Special Maneuvers
Stunning Shout

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