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Isles of the dead

Role-Playing Games > Dark Kingdoms > Adventures 3

(Bloodmoon 13th - Bloodmoon 20th)
Thr Rod now leading Malachi and his band west, the group traveled for the city of Southsea. There they were suprised to find that the Rod continued to pull to the west, striight across the sea, or into it.
 Deciding to take the shortest trip possible, Malachi talked his old friend Captain Torlan, who was in town,  into giving him passage into the dangerous waters. Although the captain warned Malachi that the Isles of the Dead were haunted by ghost ships and blue storms, they set sail the next morning.
 Arriving at the isle, the members of the sailing vessel were chased by three ships sailed by undead. They routed around the island until they found caves so large that they could sail within.
 Traveling through the caves, they arrived at a section so large that there was a huge underground city carved into the rock itself. Zerek beleived the city to be a lost barbarian city that was supposed to have been abandoned thousands of years ago.
 Malachi and a few men (including Salvador and Zerek) traveled into the city, following the pull of the Rod. They were each hunted down by a creature called a Sheeth, and most of the sailors were quickly killed.
 Finally, the creature caught up to Salvador, malachi and Zerek. The creature badly wounded and poisoned all of the heroes, but Malachi finally used the advice of his wizard companion, using the Rod to locate the creature, which it seemed to follow. Using this to his advantage, Malachi was able to strike the hidden creature, and killed it.
 The magical creature used a piece of the Rod as it's heart, and upon it's death that part of the Rod fell to the ground.
 Now with one more piece of the Rod, Malachi and his companions found the captain and set sail for Trader's Haven....

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