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InNomine is a roleplaying game of angels and demons, heaven vs. hell.

The following is a record of the adventures in my In Nomine campaign, a story of good evil, and what is in-between. It is a story with a choices and great consequences, the smaller or the larger picture both having great outcomes.
These pages are the complete story, for the most part, but I will also be adding GM notes such as what I thought of the campaign now that it is over. Keep a look out.
However, I can't say that I thought of the campaign idea! Modified for my particular idea, the basic concept came from Earl Wajenberg at:

Greetings, Archangel Michael...
 It is I, Daniel.
 It was a lot of soilders at one time.  I would tell you thier names, but I know you already know them. Really, I've never recruited over two at a time, and this was six. Not to mention the Other Two. That was unexpected.
 Still, overall, I'd have to say that the whole process went well. I gathered the potentials together at the local airport (in a few different ways) and waited for Lucas, who was, as always, on time. Of course, I never told the soliders why they were going to the airport, I just cleared away the innocent people there and waited. The soliders were fairly tough - well, most of them, and I thought that they could hold their own.
 The Reds showed up first. They wandered around, looking over everything, but I knew why they were there. I made sure I wasn't noticed, and waited. I did see that I was not able to remove The Other Two with my minor magics. I thought of removing them in other ways, but there was no time. Lucas had arrived.
 Now Lucas is a strange one to me, although over the last few centuries I think I have figured him out, mostly. He came down that ramp, as calm as you please, looking for trouble. He had a bodyguard with him as well, a real mean kid by the name of Damien. Damien. I bet he thinks that's cool. I bet his real name is like George or Larry or something. Humans are funny with names. I bet they would get a kick out of some of our titles, like Henus, He of Found Remotes. Or maybe not. All I know is that I saw a human get a real kick out of it one time. Funny until you lose your remote. Anyway, I had met this one before. He was a soilder also, able to control his Essence. I had hoped to recruit him with the rest, but Lucas had found him first.
 So, like I said, Lucas and Damien come waltzing down the ramp like nothing was going on, when suddenly Lucas just starts shooting the place up with two big fully automatic weapons. It was a bold move - I don't think he was really trying to hit anyone, but if he did, he could have easily drawn the attention of someone more powerful than me - a lot more powerful. But his goal was met - the fight began. So, in a way, I suppose my purposes were served as well.
 So the fight was on.  And the humans really took after Lucas. of course, Lucas wasn't hurt, he's too smart for that, but his Song made the humans beleive he was destroyed and he left his lackeys to fight.  He was probably using the Song of the Wind Shield as well. It did not last long, and the various gunmen there took care of things. Actually, I was quite pleased - no deaths on Our Side. I figure they were new recruits as well - none of them even knew a single Song of protection, only how to Walk. I had a runner, but I convinced him it was better that he remain. And Damien even came back to help - I had a good feeling about him from the beginning.
 Now the soilders were together and had spilled blood. The bond was formed. They called me (I left when Lucas decided to take off), and arranged a meeting, as usual. The unit left and went back to a dojo that is owned by one of them, and they discussed what to do. They decided they didn't know very much. Oh yeah, and they had a call when the Reds (I think) decided to show up and destroy the plane of the Other Two - the unit was not happy.
 I arrived and everyone was so suprised to realise that they had seen me before. Why is that always suprising? These humans know angels watch them, and yet they act like you just pulled an elephant out of your ass when you show them. After the initial commotion, I told them who they were, and that soon, I would show them how to use thier power.
 I shall soon report again, and have faith that it will be with good news. I leave you for now.

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