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Role-Playing Games > Dark Kingdoms > Adventures 4

In Disguise
(Frostwind 20 - 27)
The heroes travel back to Himsal, and there they magicaly disguise themselves to appear as bounty hunters and mercenaries. They locate thier friends in the Black haggler's fortress, and then enter with thier disguises.
The heroes manage to escape with thier friends after fighting several guards and Iron Golems (which they ran from, wisely), with the help of a doppleganger Miragos who was once an ally of Sir Fallen. They also discovered that the Black Blade they spoke to during thier stay was a straw dummy. Wether this means that the Black Blade was not present or that there is no Black Blade remains to be seen. Apparently, a mind flayer was running the day to day business of the Black hagglers - is he the real ruler of the crimminal orginization?.

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