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Episode 10:
Heart of Mystery; Battle against the Fire Giants
(Greenwood 38th - Early Summer)
Not knowing the reach of the Dark Queen's forces that tried to steal the supplies in the mountains to the west, Malachi and his soilders were sent to investigate the area.
There they found hundreds of orcs, all slain by what appeared to be a battle with fire giants. This seemed very strange as orcs and fire giants were both minions of the Dark Queen, and had never been known to battle one another.
Traveling further, the heroes found an ancient temple guarded by fire giants, although it was unclear if they were the same giants that had killed the orcs. The giants had discovered the ruins of the temple, but could not enter it due to their size, and had sent for Shadowriders to enter the temple for them and loot it.
Malachi decided to fight the giants, and did so, only losing a few men. Once inside the temple, he discovered it was a temple to highfather constructed before the Great War, and it hid the rod he had sought before coming to Calan and Riverwood, hidden in the heart area of a statue of Highfather.
Men killed in this battle: 3
Gains: Mission accomplished. The temple was taken long enough to find the rod.

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