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Griffon (353.5 points)
Speed 6.75, Attack 13, Damage 1d+1 (Claw/Trample)
Dodge 9r or 10f (+1 with barding), Move 36 (142 maximum in flight)
Damage Resistance 1 or 2 (Fur/Barding), Hit Points 14

Attributes: Strength 31; Dexterity 13; Health 14, Intelligence 4
Advantages: Enhanced Move (Running) 4 [40], Four Legs [5], Fur (think feathers) [10], Ultrahearing [25], 1 points of Temperature Tolerance (cold) [free with thick feathers], Flight, Winged [30], Alertness +5 [25]
Disadvantages: Horizontal [-10], Mute (cannot speak language) [-25], Bestial [-10], Chummy [-5], Dull [-1], Innumerate [-5], Presentient [-20], Short Lifespan 1 [-10]
Racial Quirks (-3 points); Dislikes Dragons [-1], Jumpy [-1], Seen as graceful creatures by civilized cultures [-1]
Skills: Flying 13, Climbing 14. A beast uses it’s DX for attacks.
Combat Scores
Perception: Normal (14 for beasts) but can see 8 times more distant than a human
Initiative: 6.75
Attack (Bite or Trample) Skill 13, Damage 1d-1 (beasts without fangs do damage based on half strength, damage for trample is based on weight)
Speed: 6.75
Move: 6 (18 running with Enhanced Move, 36 flying with Enhanced Move)
Dodge: 9 running, 10 flying (half DX or half Move, use greater for animals, max 10), +1 with barding
Hit Points: 14
Damage Resistance: 1 (feathers) or 2 (feathers and Barding)


Griffon (Point Cost Total: 353.5)
Physical: 290.5, Mental: -66, Special: -10, Quirks -3
GURPS 3rd Edition Racial Template by J. Scott Pittman

Physical: Attributes (308.5 points)
Strength 31 [175.5]; Dexterity 13 [40]; Health 14 [45]

Physical: Advantages (183 points)
Enhanced Move (Running) 3 [30], Enhanced Move (Flying) 5 [50], Four Legs [5], Fur (think feathers) [10], Ultrahearing [25], 1 points of Temperature Tolerance (cold) [free with thick feathers], Flight, Winged [30], Telescopic Vision x8 [18], Nictating Membrane [10]

Physical: Disadvantages (-45 points)
Horizontal [-10], Mute (cannot speak language) [-25], Fragile [-20]
Physical: Racial Skills (5 points)
Flying at DX [1], Climbing at HT [4]

Mental: Attributes (-40 points)
Intelligence 4 [-50]

Mental: Advantages (0 points)
Alertness +5 [25]

Mental: Disadvantages (-45 points)
Bestial [-10], Chummy [-5], Dull [-1], Innumerate [-5], Presentient [-20]

Mental: Racial Skills (0 points)

Special (-10 points)
Short Lifespan 1 [-10]

Racial Quirks (-3 points)
Dislikes Dragons [-1], Jumpy [-1], Seen as graceful creatures by civilized cultures [-1]

Racial Language: None (Bestial Griffon)

Suggested Player-Character Options: Dead Broke [-25]

Griffons are creatures of the Fey, and are extremely rare steeds. They are graceful creatures, with a giant bird-like body. They can run at about 36 mph in short bursts, and can fly up to 140 mph in short bursts (usual speed being closer to 72 mph in flight), similar to pegasi, but naturally faster better at flying. They weight about 500 lbs.
• Mounting a griffon requires a Riding roll. Otherwise, it takes 1d6+1 turns!
• A failed Riding roll spooks a griffon, requiring a riding roll each turn afterward. Three successes indicates the steed has calmed. Three failures indicates loss of control (see Basic Rules, pg. 135).
• Griffons are at -3 to ride if there are loud noises and they are not war-trained, and are at -6 to ride if not fully broken.


A lance requires a minimum ST of 12; it takes one turn to ready a lance after a miss, 2 turns to ready it after a hit. A lance longer than 12 feet may be used, to give an advantage in reach, but for every additional foot of lance, the lancer takes a -1 to his skill. The reach of the lance goes up by one hex for every three full feet of length above 12. A lance weighs an extra 2 lbs. for every foot of length over 12.
The lance does thrust+3 impaling damage, based on the griffon's ST and velocity (see sidebar, GURPS Basic, pg. 136). If the griffon is moving 5 or fewer hexes per turn, the lance does thrust+3 damage based on 1/4 of the griffon's ST, rounded down. If it is moving 6-10 hexes per turn, the lance damage is based on 1/2 of the griffon's ST. If it is moving 11 hexes or faster, lance damage is based on the griffon's full ST. To use a lance or similar weapon, a rider must have a saddle and stirrups.
Tournament jousting is done with blunted wooden lances, specially designed to break if they strike very hard. These do thrust+3 crushing damage. If more than 15 points of damage is rolled, the lance snaps, doing 15 points of damage.
Swords, axes, spears, etc. may be swung by a rider. If the mount's speed is at least 6 relative to the foe, assess -2 to hit but +2 to damage. A cavalryman is effectively three feet above infantry (see p. 123).

Using Ranged Weapons from Griffonback
Firing from a moving animal is a test of both marksmanship and riding. Roll against your Riding or weapon skill, whichever is worse, adjusted as per the sidebar, pg. basic 136. If your weapon is noisy, make a Riding roll after each shot. A failure means the griffon is spooked; see above. On a critical failure, you lose control (see sidebar, p. 135).
Aiming: You may Aim a ranged weapon from griffonback, but only to get the Acc
bonus: aiming for additional turns gives no extra bonus. Your Accuracy bonus may not exceed either your skill with the weapon or your Rider skill.
Tricks: To turn in the saddle and fire at the foe behind you: -4 to weapon skill. -1 to any Riding roll made that turn.
To hang on the far side of the griffon and shoot over it or underneath it: -6 to weapon skill, -3 to any Riding roll made that turn. Your foe is at a -8 to hit you, and his only targets are your heel, head and one hand. But if he shoots at you and misses by 4 or less. he hit your griffon.
Griffon Attacks
A trained medieval wargriffon will attack footmen and other griffons, by biting or kicking.
It will also trample, doing the same damage as a kick. The rider's attack will be at an extra -2 on any turn the mount attacks.
An 18th- or 19th-century cavalry griffon will not attack; in fact, a Riding+2 roll is required to get any griffon except a medieval wargriffon to charge into or over any obstacle or bad footing. Griffons are very cautious!
Defense (and the Rider’s Defense)
A mount's only defense is Dodge. In medieval campaigns, wargriffons can have barding, or armor, which gives a PD of up to 4 for full plate.
A rider rolls his own defense: he may Dodge. Block or Parry. For a rider of skill
12+, all these skills are at normal levels. For a rider of less skill, all active defenses are reduced by the difference between 12 and the rider's skill (so. for instance, a rider with a skill of 9 has a -3 to his defenses).
Combat Results (to the Rider)
When a rider is hit in combat, he must make a Riding roll to keep his seat. This roll takes a -1 penalty for even, full 4 points of basic damage delivered by the blow (before subtracting armor). If the rider fails this roll, he falls from his saddle (see Losing Control sidebar, p. 135). If the rider was stunned by the blow, the Riding roll is made at -4.
A character who Blocks a blow may still be ungriffond by the impact. If the Block roll is less than or equal to the blocker's PD. then the blow glances off the shield or armor. If the Block roll was greater than the PD - which is to say that he actively
Blocked the blow - then the blow was caught squarely upon the shield. In such a case, the character takes no damage from the attack, but still must make the Riding roll described above, or be ungriffond.
If any attack aimed at a rider misses by 1. roll the exact same attack against the griffon. Of course, the griffon itself may be attacked intentionally. If the mount is hit. the rider must roll vs. Riding, minus the damage taken, to keep it from spooking (see p. 136). A griffon that takes more than 1/4 its hit points in one blow must roll vs. DX to avoid falling. A griffon that takes more than half its hit points in one
blow is affected like a human.

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