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grasping at straws

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Episode 3:
Grasping at Straws
(Warmwind 5th - Spring)
 Malachi and his friends now waited in Portraven for news of the Rod that might appear from any one of the King's many spies and observers throughout Arember.
 Finally, news came that a wizard named Talamoth Dune, who lived in the northern Stormwood (near Woodway) had a magical rod that gave him special powers. Gathering his forces together, Malachi bought passage on the Stormrunner, a ship captained by the experienced captain Torlen, to take him to Woodway. Although they spotted a blue storm, haunted by ghost ships, they were able to make it safely to Woodway with little problem.
 Once there, Malachi met Lt. Aldanus, who was willing to help him in any way, and his quiet scout, Lt. Minor Shale. After visiting his aunt and Jeremy, a young lad who had been healed by the wizard it was said, Malachi and his men set out to find Talamoth Dune.
 After some searching, the Shale was able to lead the men through the forest and to the old man's humble home. The aged wizard seemed hard to make friends with, but by speaking with jeremy's parents Malachi knew that the man was fond of chocolates. Presenting some brownies he had aquired from the boy's mother, the mage warmed up a little, and decided to share what he knew of the magical rod.
 It seemed that the mage had never really had the rod it was rumored that he did, but he knew where it was located. being a firm beliver in curses, he had decided never to seek it himself, but to leave it alone. It was said that the person who gained the rod would cause a close friend to die. Still, he had no argument if Malachi and his men sought out the rod. Taking out a map, he showed Malachi in detail where to find the rod. He walked with malachi outside, ready to send them on thier way.
 Unfortunatly, someone else also seemed interested in the rod, and the aged wizard was shot through the heart with an arrow as soon as they had left the mage's home. The attackers were soon dispatched, and the heroes decided to return quickly to Woodway.
 Horribly, they discovered that the city had fallen under attack while they were in the woods! Most of the men had been killed, including Lt. Aldanus. The men left were able to tell Malachi that the attackers were Muthok and Malinda, two warriors who were banished to the lands of the Dark Queen for crimes against the kingdom, and their small army. In trying to practice hummanity by not killing the crimminals, the town had allowed them to return for the revenge they thoguht they needed.

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