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God of Old

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God of Old
Thor, Zues, Hercules... these were the legends of long ago, but were they just legends? Perhaps not. Different Street Fighters have begun to appear in the ring, fighter with amazing abilities and powers, and who seem to grow stronger as they gain followers, much like the legends that surround the myth of old gods gaining power when they are worshipped.

Gods of Old are beings who cannot die from aging. Through the years, they have appeared as many famous figures, then either disappeared or faked their own death. These men and women were also famous for battles. Sometimes, long ago, they were worshipped and religions formed around them as well. As with everyday humans, they each have their own agendas, but most deal with one thing - the gaining of Honor or Glory.

These beings are tied into the Positive and Negative sides of the universe and the living beings who are there. As they gain Honor or Glory, depending on their nature, their power grows. This must be a public gain - the Gods power does not grow from inward Honor or Glory, (which the player should always play as near-flawless, a difficult task), but from the outward admiration of people who admire the characters for whatever reason. Some Gods have seen the Street Fighter ring as the perfect opportunity to further their goals. Of course, no one actually believes these beings are Gods - except some of their opponents.


The Gods are easy to play and difficult at the same time - they are extremes. A God of War will constantly want to fight or be challenged in a physical way, a God of Protection will be always be looking for those in trouble. At the same time though, their personalities never change - if they are happy, they are almost always happy - to see the character angered should be a rare thing of great dramatic importance to the story. If they are dark and brooding, they are always dark and brooding, etc.

Special Benefits
Each God of Old begins play with +3 points to spend in his Primary Attribute scores (Physical, Social or Mental).

Each God has special powers that he gains as he gains Honor or Glory (one or the other, not both). How quickly he gains these powers depends on his current rating of that score. A character has as many powers as his current Honor (or Glory if that is his "Power Statistic") - 5, to a maximum of the God of Old Background. For example, if a character has a rating of Honor 9, his current powers number 4 (9-5=4). However, if his God of Old Background was only level 2, the maximum powers he could gain would equal 2. These powers are gained automatically and in whatever order the player wishes. The Storyteller should feel free to come up with new Gods Of Old Backgrounds as he sees fit, and assign a "Power Statistic" (honor or glory) to the type of God and his available powers.

Special Weaknesses
Gods learn all Focus Maneuvers at the highest Power Point total +1, even if their Style says otherwise. They also have a habit of not changing. All Attributes are learned at a +5 experience points.


God of War
Power Statistic - Glory
Powers: Fireball, Toughskin, Psychokenetic Channeling, Regeneration, Sakki

God of Protection
Power Statistic - Honor
Powers: Toughskin, Heal, Sakki, Speed of the Mongoose, Push

God of Strength
Power Statistic - Honor or Glory (player chooses at time of character creation)
Powers: Shockwave, Toughskin, Psychokenetic Channeling, +1 strength, +1 strength
(the +1 strength can be chosen as separate powers, giving a total bonus of +2)

God of Fire
Power Statistic - Honor or Glory (player chooses at time of character creation)
Powers: Fireball, Inferno Strike (must have Fireball, will lose this power first if Power Statistic drops), Elemental Skin (fire), Flying, Flaming Fist, +1 dexterity

God of Hate (non-player character only)
Power Statistic - Glory
Powers: Acid Breath, Psychic Vise, Leech, +1 manipulation, Venom

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